i) Google, a multinational software and internet company based in America, was founded in 1996 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in Stanford University with BackRub as the initial name. By then, this was a search engine only used at the university. The two graduates formed this website on a technology known as PageRank (Google, 2012). The relevance of the website was indicate by the quatity of pages The significance of the pages that connected to the original website was also considered. The corporation changed its name to “Google” in 1998 with respect to wrong spelling of the googol, which is indicating a hundred zeros coming after the first number (Google, 2012).

ii) In August 1998, Google received its first funding of $100,000. This was from Andy Bechtolsheim, Sun Microsystems cofounder. This was before Google’s incorporation. After the founders tried to sell the search engine to George Bell for $1 million but failed, the founders received $25 million worth of funds in the year 1999. The company made its first public offering in 2004. The shares amounted to 19,605,052, each selling at $85. The sale gave the corporation a capitalization of about $23 billion as the sale amounted to $1.67 billion. The company was left with the control of 271 million shares (Vise & Malseed, 2008).


i) The company derives most of its revenue from advertising. Through DoubleClick’s technology, Google can establish the interests of the user and the targets the advertisements are meant to reach. This makes them relevant to the users and context. In the year 2006, the company collected revenue worth $10.492 billion. The revenue collected in licensing and others was $112 million.  (Vise & Malseed, 2008). Through the analytics of the company, website owners can know how and where the public uses their website. This can be done by looking at

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