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Graphs & Functions

Because my income keeps increasing, my spending habits over the year have been frequently fluctuating. In January of last year housing and food took up about 60 percent of my total income. This was divided as forty percent on food and twenty percent on housing. Another twenty percent was spent on clothing and about five percent on healthcare while two percent went to entertainment. Less than one percent was used on transport in the month of January as I did not travel much and most time was spent at home. In February and March food and housing together took about sixty percent of my income. This was divided into thirty-four percent on food and about twenty-seven percent on housing. Clothing took up a lower percentage in these months as it was only about twelve percent. This is because the higher spending was done during the start of the year where I bought more clothes to keep me going for the better part of the year.

Transportation, healthcare and entertainment took ten, three and five percent of the total income in the months of February and March respectively. The rest of the income was saved and some utilized in other expenses. In April and May the expenses for food reduced while housing increased and together they took about fifty-five percent. About 30 percent of the income was used on food while 25 percent was used on housing. This is because the food rations required reduction, as I did not spend most of the time at home but rather at work where lunch is provided. With the extra money saved on food, I decided to increase the monthly mortgage payments. Clothing took about 12 percent of the total expenditure and about 11 percent on transport. Healthcare and transport took 5 percent each. The rest of the 12 percent was taken up by savings and other expenses.

In June food took about 25 percent and 30 percent went to housing. About 8 percent went to clothing and about 18 percent went to transportation. Healthcare and entertainment took five percent and three percent respectively in the month of June. In July, August and September the expenditure on food remained constant at 22 percent with the expenditure on housing reducing steadily at 58, 57 and 56 percent for the three months respectively. Clothing took about 6 percent and 20 percent on transport as the trips to school from work increased quite considerably. Healthcare and entertainment took 5 percent each as the rest was saved and some invested. These percentages on clothing, transportation, healthcare and entertainment were in July. In August clothing took about 5 percent of the income and 21 percent on transport. Healthcare and entertainment took 5 percent each also in this month. In September clothing maintained the 5 percent expenditure while transport increased with 1 percent and healthcare and entertainment maintained their 5 percent each share.

In October, food was about 21 percent of my expenditure, housing was 35 percent, clothing was 5 percent, transport about 20 percent while healthcare was 5 percent and entertainment 9 percent. November saw an increase in the clothing percentage as it reached 8 percent and entertainment climbed further to 11 percent while the rest remained the same. In December, food increased to 24 percent while housing maintained a 34 percent share. Clothing also increased to 12 percent while transport maintained its 19 percent mark. Healthcare remained at 5 percent and entertainment maintained at 10 percent.


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