Group Communication

Group Communication






Group Communication Checkpoint

Group communication is the sharing of information and ideas among a group of people. It happens when people come together with a common agenda or objective, and they share and discuss information amongst themselves. Group communication differs from individual communication in that it involves many people. All the people in the group communicate with each other in different ways. In individual communication, one person has the task of communicating to the other. One strategy that can promote individual and group communication is effective listening. Another strategy is participation. People encourage communication through their participation. This includes affirming or disagreeing with what the speaker is saying, and asking and responding to questions. It does not necessarily have to be verbal. Individuals in a group should encourage each other to contribute by asking their opinion. This fosters communication in a group since the person is encouraged to share information. Another strategy that can foster group communication is allowing members to disagree. This shows the members that they do not have to agree with one person’s opinion.

Resolving conflicts in groups can be challenging. The group should handle and aim to resolve all the conflicts when they happen. Delaying to do this can cause a lot of tension in the group, and this will only lead to more conflicts. In case of misunderstanding, people should not be quick to form judgment. They should instead listen to all the conflicting views. The group should respect everybody’s opinion and should not disregard people’s feelings. The group should then decide on what to do. In some cases, members reach a decision by voting. People who are in the minority may feel left out and they may feel bitter. It is important for the members to discuss any negative feelings, so that all the members agree on the decision that was taken

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