Health Issues that Might Affect the Society

Health Issues that Might Affect the Society

In the society, the health of the different people is an issue of great concern. Most often, it can be noticed that there is always a common disease that usually affects the whole community and not one person in the society. Therefore, very many researchers have gone in the society picking up samples and observing the different diseases that could affect the majority of the people in the world society. The journal by National Institute of Mental Health is about mental illness where the different researchers have gone far ahead to obtain a conclusive evidence of how the mental illness is affecting the society. A clear report has been given of the research that has been done and the different findings are presented in the report (National Institute of Mental Health, 2010).

The study or the research has a conceptual framework where there is a lot of disability. The different researchers have observed that the different mental illnesses are caused by depression whereby such infirmity makes people have a disability in the society making it difficult for them to work or perform their duties correctly. This relates well to the topic because mental illness affects very many people in the society thus raising concerns. It is estimated that almost everybody in his or her life is affected by mental illness but half the number is affected severely.

The main method that has been used by the different researchers to obtain the report is the analysis method. The advantages of the analysis method are that data is carefully analyzed to give conclusive evidence using different techniques. The diverse techniques include the use of samples, both primary and secondary sources. Therefore, the researchers have carefully analyzed the data obtained from the different samples that they were researching by using the different techniques to prepare a report that is informative about mental illness.

The only weakness in the study design that the different researchers have is that they never obtain evidence from the different people who have been affected, which could have been done by performing in-depth interviews. This would have helped to give the feelings and emotions of how the members of the society feel about mental illness and whether it has affected them in one way or another. Additionally, in-depth interviews help the research to obtain information of what is actually happening to this people. For example, how this people are being affected by mental illness in the performance of their duties.

The method could have been made to work better if the different researchers performed in depth interviews so that they could obtain information of how the different people in the society have been affected by mental illness feel. Additionally, they could have done this by selecting samples so that it could be easier and faster to use this method. Moreover, they should have created different questions, which they thought would have helped in the research. For example, has mental illness affected you in one way or another? This question will have answered whether the different people have been affected by mental illness because either they have been sick or one of their friends has been sick.

According to the journal by the National Institute of Mental Health, the findings are that almost everybody in his or her life is affected by mental illness and more than half the numbers are affected by mental illness severely. Additionally, depression is the number one cause of this mental illness especially in women. Finally, the age, which is mostly affected by mental illness, starts from five years old and onwards (National Institute of Mental Health, 2010). I consider the findings justified because of the study design that has been used. Therefore, it can be concluded that mental illness truly affects the society in accordance with the information obtained from the research. The conclusion is justified because of the study design in which the researchers used to obtain information.

The journal by Doebbeling is also about mental illness and it has stated how the different mental patients are affected. Since mental illness is not physical, the patients who suffer from this illness are usually stigmatized and the different insurance companies refuse to pay the hospital bills. Additionally, the journal also talks about the different ways in which the different patients could be cared for so that they could improve their health. The journal relates to the topic very well because mental illness affects the society where more than fifty percent of the people in a society suffer from mental illness severely (Doebbeling, 2007).

The conceptual framework of the journal that the researcher has used is stigma and disability. The researcher has proved that mental illness is a disability because when one is infected he can be able to perform their duties. On the other hand, mental illness is not a physical disease, therefore, the different patients who often suffer from the disease, usually end up being stigmatized because very many people view them as being lazy. Additionally, most of the insurance companies end up not paying their medical bills because they do not view it as a disease (Doebbeling, 2007). This relates to the topic in that the society is the one, which is stigmatizing this people, and when they are not able to perform their duties because of the mental illness, they affect the society very much.

The study design that has been used in this journal is the research method where the techniques of primary data and secondary data have been used as the main sources of the research. The main advantage of the study design is that the researcher has gathered information from credible sources that have helped her come up with the different analysis of how the mentally ill patients are suffering. Additionally, the form of study design that the researcher has used is very good because it has been able to provide the readers with the relevant suggestions which if followed could be very useful.

The weakness of the study design method is that the researcher has not given the different feelings in which the different patients suffer. Additionally the researcher has not given a statistical evidence to show the extent in which the different patients suffer or how they affect the society. This would have been good especially to this topic so that it could have given enough proof that mental illness is a disease that is affecting the society. In addition to this, the research would have tried and given an in depth interview of a patient so that the users of the research could have had a first hand experience of the patients feel. The study design could have been better if the research rectified the weakness.

The findings by the journal are justified because they come from very reliable sources and they have been able to touch on the different issues affecting the society. Additionally, I consider the findings of the research to answer the question of the topic because they have shown how the society is affected. Based on the findings it can be concluded the different mental illness patients suffer and that they should not be stigmatized. Instead, they should be given cure since the disease is curable (Doebbeling, 2007). These conclusions are justifiable since they come from a credible source.

When the two journals are compared, it can be noted that in the journal by the National Institute of Mental Health, has given a clear statistical of information of the extent in which the mental illness diseases is affecting the society while the journal by Doebbeling, has given the extent in which the different patients suffer. Additionally, Doebbeling in her journal she has given some possible solutions, which could be used in the study. In accordance with the different methods used, the journal by National Institute of Mental Health is statistical while the journal by Doebbeling is more theoretical. Therefore, if the two journals are to be used together they could give very convincing evidence that mental illness affects the society very much.



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