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Healthcare Abstract/Summary

Healthcare Abstract/Summary

The article by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is very useful because it is easy to read and understandable. Anyone interested in issues concerned with health and primary care procedures is able to acquire knowledge and skills through this article. The article may also be used by anyone interested in promoting health and in the prevention of diseases using modern and improved technologies. The article had the purpose of providing knowledge to other researches not having the means of acquiring knowledge, instructions and methods concerning primary care services. Therefore, this article was written with the intention of helping researchers to focus more especially on quantitative research methods as a way of finding alternative methods that could be useful in the evaluation of health information systems within the primary care unit.

The researchers found out that majority of Americans live in areas experiencing primary care shortages. The major people facing difficult in accessing prompt primary care are the adults. This is because many medical graduates who live in the United States of America most of the time avoid taking career programs dealing with adult primary care. Despite the medical assistance provided by the physicians and other practitioners, there is still an increasing crisis that the primary care unit is still encountering. Primary care is an organization that assists the Americans to live and enjoy healthier and productive lives thus, ensure better services a good number of measures are being attempted as a way of enhancing primary care access even though it lacks an increase in the primary care workforce. Therefore, qualitative methods were used as of evaluating health information systems that could be applied in solving primary care shortcomings.

The use of quantitative methods as an alternative to monitor health information in primary care system and the understanding of these methods facilitates the collection and analysis of qualitative information. This enhances better monitoring of automated health promotion and prevention of disease programs. The author used qualitative method in carrying out its analysis concerning the present issues affecting primary care department as a whole and how to help solve such issues. For instance, these health care providers could take full responsibility of ensuring that the major personal health care needs are addressed accordingly. Furthermore, they could create a strong relationship with patients, and exercise their duty in accordance with the family and community.

The article also had the purpose of exploring more details on the subject of primary care because currently it is the most area in health care department that needs serious and urgent attention. Therefore, through the research made by the author, they found out that the major problems encountered in primary care are as a result of strict regulation provided at the primary care center that leaves many patients feeling threatened in accessing those services. According to the article, there are rules and regulation that nurses are provided with defining to them what they are allowed to do in the process of providing their services to the patients.

Therefore, to help eliminate such problems as per the article, it is necessary that the regulations be modernized so that many patients can have access to the most qualified health care providers of primary care services. It is also very important that the states that are still not performing to the required standards take time to study from those states that have achieved the modernization of their Advanced Practices Registered Nurse rules and regulations. The government should encourage the medical graduates to participate or take up careers in primary care for adults since these people are known to be the suffers as they lack adequate health care providers to take care of them. These measures therefore could be achieved through the application of the methods provided through the article.



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