History and Anthropology






History and Anthropology


The subjects of History and Anthropology focus on the relationship between history and societal disciplines and the junction between anthropology that is historically acquainted and history that is anthropologically updated. Several past incidents can be referred to when learning the relationship between Anthropology and History. This document will focus on summarizing various articles that are related to history and anthropology and are divided in two units. The first unit contains of six articles while the second unit consists of five articles.

Unit 1 Summary

Bombay or Bust is one of the articles found in this unit and it talks about various stories of historical experiences. The Venerable Gentlemen is the first story that describes the appearance of certain Muslim men in terms of their bodily features, dressing and behavior. The story illustrates how these men in the traditional era would handle several issues concerning the Islamic law and politics such as the management of property. The second story known as Passion of fruit informs on the experiences the Muslim men had as they were visiting Bombay.

The men who visited Bombay were overwhelmed by the variety of fruits they found and hence most of the intriguing interactions they had with one another was on how they were impressed with the various abundant fruits they witnessed in Bombay. Exposure and Revelation is the next story that describes the conflict between the two Muslim men, Khalfan and Abu on land. The rivalry existed when one of them, a landowner decided to sell the land to the other at an increased price.

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