Holy Grail

Holy Grail

The study of the Holy Grail has different understanding to different people. There are different assumptions in what it is and what it represents. The originality of it is also a topic for discussions. We all agree on its present significance in both religious and non-religious settings. In the studies, it traces it origins to ancient written romances with some Christian attribute. The attempt to define it has become a competition of doctrines in Christianity and documentation of history.

Citing the context developed in the Holy Grail essay, it is obvious that such discussions require an in depth understanding of relevant concepts. A critical outlook to understanding the topic had to first be developed to ensure that the essay’s scope remained relevant to both the writer and the perceived audience. The paper’s context was guided by the assumption that the person who coined the whole issue wanted to bring people to realize there is a reward to being a person who respects humanity. Its respect is a myth but with a lesson for everyone. During the discussion, I (the author) cited both symbolic and metaphoric depictions to the Holy Grail; effectively aiming to convey the relevance of the Holy Grail in learning circles. One such assertion was that the early church wanted to own it so they attached the Christian perspective to it.

As a writer, I developed my conceptual approach through first postulating “…does the vessel still hold the power?” The empiricism of any study is noted to be based on the ability to produce support for any such claims. This did in turn mean that my educational background would play a key factor to proving my thesis argument, through first maintaining an objectified perspective on understanding what previous research on the topic had reveled and whether indeed their was any bias in the information I obtained from my research sources. Despite this though questions such as “If truly, it does exist and has the ability to empower and bless those who are righteous among us. Is there anyone in our modern society who has received the blessing? Whether Christian or historic approach the vessel significance is service to humanity” also structured the paper’s approach. Eventually, developing the paper’s core arguments, assertions and outcome were a measure to my individual knowledge on the Holy Grail concept and my skill in literature construction.

Writing this paper was also an advantage in increasing my knowledge on the Holy Grail as both a religious and socio-relevant concept. Research used to develop the paper awakened my desire to believe in something bigger than one, but yet so immortal and so real. In any aspect in life, it drives one to prove to oneself and the immortal power that is clear of all blemishes. The representation of heroism to be service to humankind, a pure heart that has no wickedness and that seeks to be better every day. Its representation in my studies reflected an in depth understanding of what I as an individual hold as a principle in my life.

Despite the perceived success in developing the paper, I did note some particular impediments to making my approach as subjective and understandable as possible. The major problem I encountered was lack of sufficient historical material to analyze my findings. Most of the claims were based on materials that could not be accessed to support them. The documentation of history could have been equally altered.

In conclusion, discussing the Holy Grail as both a scholarly and socio-relevant subject was an interesting task. The knowledge I gained from writing this paper will eventually have a positive impact on my present scholarly life. Again, writing the paper further polished my literature construction skills; through ensuring that all information written in my discussions was always relevant to the topic being discussed and, portrayed in a way that would make my paper an interesting as well as an educative read.

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