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How Diversity, Politics and Religion Shape Families - Accurate Essays

How Diversity, Politics and Religion Shape Families





How Diversity, Politics and Religion Shape Families

            Family is the most important unit in the society for it creates a sense of belonging to individuals. Therefore, family is vital in creating a history that gives a detailed account of the family background. It is also the only section in which an element of love, affection and care for the people is manifested. This point emphasizes on the concept of unity in the family whereby the family is able to remain unified for a long period. The unity of the family may be affected by some external factors such as politics, diversity and religion. These three factors are very influential when it comes to the area of enhancing cohesion in the family. In addition, every one has the right and freedom to choose the extremes they want to concentrate on the matters of religion and politics unlike in the diversity where there is no such an alternative.

Diversity is a unit in the social life that recognizes each individual as unique and special for it encompasses respect and acceptance. It also identifies each individual as singular according to the ethnic, race and gender factors. Therefore, this disparity depicts that, individuals do not share same experiences. Commonly, diversity caters for the personal life of an individual according to dreams and aspirations. The difference also arises in terms of social beliefs, religious and the political factors. It also allows individual to explore beyond their capabilities. This is facilitated by the presence of talents and other special skills that are applied in order to achieve personal goals and objectives. In the issue of a family setup, the use of diversity is a main factor that ensures the people of the family recognize each other with respect to the social importance they play in the family. For instance, in a family there is the head of the family who is ought to be responsible for providing for the many needs in the family. In this case, “a reservation of respect and recognition is vested on him due to the vital obligation that he holds in the family” (Brooks 24).

In relation to politics, the issue of family takes a lead on the area where the government gets involved in controlling the morality in the society. In addition, morality can be traced from diversity where an individual is responsible for his or her own actions. Without people realizing their worth, they will suffer from low self-esteem from which their performance will be affected morally. In matters such as theft and violence, the government promises to solve those problems hence using them so that it may gain popularity and power. With the keen observance of these promises, the provision of security by the political leaders is important in enhancing cohesion in the family. In other words, political influence in the family matters can efficiently shape the family through recognizing the family values. This way, the ability of the government to respond to the needs of the family builds a relationship that helps in improving the existence of the family structure.

Religion on the other side is another factor that has facilitated in shaping the families through enhancing perpetual existence that puts into consideration the moral duty. The religion is known for monitoring the behavior of the people with respect to the bible. In addition, it is used as a standard of measure where all the dealings are judged according to the bible. The use of prayer in the religious activities promoted peace among the gathering parties whereby the family unity is developed from religious sharing. Many religious activities share many factors that are good for enhancing family coordination. This might be facilitated by the use prayer session whereby different family members take part in ensuring that there is success in the religious activities. Religion has numerous ways of influencing the lives of the members of the family through a defined leadership system. Religion emphasizes on the area of marriage for which it is the core strategy in ensuring that there is a good relationship in the family. This clearly defines the role of the family to act as a unifying factor that promotes the unions of many people in the family. Religion monitors the behavior of the people moreover; it entails people to exercise the acts of doing well. Religion has some relation with the diversity in the sense that it recognizes people and their level of influence in the society. The involved parties show the facts about acceptance and respect because “as the people to get married, they must love and accept each other sequentially promoting peace and corporation” (Michaels 45).

However, politics and region have brought a bad shape of the family due to their excesses in application. Many families have separated due to the conflicts of opinions regarding their political views. The establishment of the constitution has given people the freedom of speech. The politicians to satisfy their malicious intentions have misused this right. The divergence of political units in the family brings many arguments that are responsible for the subsequent family break ups. This is because every member of the society possesses a different view about his or her political occupation. Therefore, politics are destructive for they bring separation in the family. In addition, politics waste a lot of time for which one should have done a constructive activity. Diversity in the politics plays a very small role because the dominance of politics affects many operations of the family. The development of many religious dominions has also led to disparity in the family set up as each member joining a different set of religion.

Family structures have been influenced by the availability of many options regarding religion and politics. Thus, the unity of the family might be enhanced or distorted according to the intentions of the parties involved in both the factors. In addition, politics and the family are two distinct aspects that have a bad influence on each other due to the persistent occurrence of the political events. The fact that each one has the freedom to choose which political or religious opinion one has to hold brings a lot of disparity thus having a negative image of the shape of the family. The problem of diversity in our families has received less consideration due to lack of knowledge and over dominance of religion and political issue in our society.





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