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How to plan a catered party


  • Introduction
    • Attention getter
    • Thesis
    • Preview
  • Body
  • Decisions on the nature of the event
  • Selecting the menu
  • Planning the budget
  • Review
  • Restatement of thesis
  • Wrap-up thoughts
  • Conclusion


How to plan a catered party


There are a bunch of inquisitions that exist in the process of planning a catered party. There are various issues that actually demand the attention of the planner. It is true that no one would want to have their party failing to achieve the desired level of satisfaction to the guests. Therefore, it calls for the host to go the extra mile in ensuring that all aspects of the party are properly and effectively prepared to avoid the last minutes rush and hustles that end up exhausting the host and most likely, leading to the failure of the party.  The planning of the catered party depends on the characteristics of the event that are imperative for the catering that is going to be included in the whole process. Through effective planning of all the activities that are involved in the process of catering, it possible to avoid extreme hustles that usually leads to failure of the party and realize the success of the party. A couple of activities are involved in the process of planning for a catered party which needs to be effectively considered in order to endure that the party delivers the intended luster.


Decisions on the nature of the event

Before any step is undertaken, there are several considerations that need to be taken into account concerning the catered party. The main and foremost issue to consider is the type of the event that is being catered for in this case. There are various events that are usually served under catered party. Depending on the nature of the event, other decisions arise which are expected to move in the direction of fulfilling the requirements of the event. From the considerations made about the nature of the event, it possible to handle the different aspects of the event that go along the fulfillment of the requirements of the party (Cincinnati Magazine, 2001).

Perhaps it would be necessary to consider asking some major questions about the significance of the party. The answer provided for this question is very crucial in meeting the different aspects of the catered party. Actually, there are several differences that exist about the different parties that are undertaken. The importance that a person pegs on the party determines everything that is going to be put under consideration about the party. For instance, the seriousness with which one takes her wedding party does not equal the one considered for a birthday party.  In fact, the seriousness with which a person takes a party determines the extent of expenses that one is going to incur on the party as well as the kind of services that are going to be considered (McCarthy, 2009).

Similarly, nature of the event is also determined by the type of guests that are expected to attend the party. There are certain prerequisites that are evident in the determination of the overall process of analyzing the type of the event that is being planned. The guests are the main point of focus for the party and therefore depending on the party’s guests, the host will make decisions about the various aspects of the party. Considering that the guests may have varying characteristics, it is evident that there are several aspects of the guests of the event that needs to be taken into account while planning for the catered party. For instance, the guests are very instrumental in determining the type of food to be served during the party including the drinks and other beverages.

Depending on the event, there are several important considerations that are worth considering as one goes around the process of planning the catered party, which could be a wedding anniversary, a birthday party, a wedding party or even a friends meeting.  It is imperative to consider the formality or informality of the event in order to realize the planning timeline of the event. Also the formality or informality of the event is very influential on the number of people that are going to be invited. The formality of informality of the event also determines the location of the party. For instance, an informal family get together would be held in the backyard, a factor that reduces the costs incurred in the party.  On the contrary, if an elegant bridal shower is to be held for 100 guests, it would require thorough preparations including advance booking of a venue.

Some of the tips towards a successful planning of an event include accurate date determination with the guests, creation of the master guest list that gives a general idea of the expected people, finding the rightful location of the party, sending invitation cards to the guests like a month in advance; this should provide for the RSVP regrets only for the guests in order to offer ample time for the host to plan effectively. At the helm of the determination of the event and the accompanying aspects, the host has to move to other crucial parts of the catered party (McCarthy, 2009).

Selecting the menu

The foundation for every party is actually determined by the kind of menu that the host prepares for the guests. After having ordered decorations, sent invitations to the guest who are now busy sending the RSVP, the main hustle is now the kind of food that the guests would have to be served with. The menu, being the heartbeat of the catered party brings about great challenge for the host who has to consider the various options available depending on the nature of the party and obviously, the profile of he guests that are invited. In fact, determining the menu is the most dreaded task in the planning process. The menu prepared should feature a wide range of selections that are capable of offering something for every taste (Aloni, 2001)

The major issue about the nature of the menu offered to the guests depends on the size of the party. However, this does not mean that there is minimal seriousness taken about the menu that is provided to the guests. There are a few standard rules that one needs to pay attention to as a far as the menu provision is concerned. The menu that is provided for the catered party depends on different aspects of the party requirements such as appetizers, soup and salad course, the meat, entrees and the deserts. All the various components of the food are vital for delivering the right choice ands taste to the guests. As a matter of fact, the main issue is the focus on appropriate satisfaction of the guests during the catered party; therefore, the host devotes all the efforts towards the enjoyment of the guests (Sroloff & Ernstein, 1994).

Appetizers are often very useful for the jump-starting in the planning of a catered party. They are often served before the main menu or as foods for the event. Depending on your choice, it is good to order enough for all the guests. Also it is imperative to have a wide range of appetizers as people have different tastes. Considerable costs can be reduced if appetizers are served before the main menu. Course of soup and salad is vital although not every one may use them. The significance of the salads is the fact that they bring guests together in the table before being served with the main menu. They enhance the main menu as well as reducing the amount of the main menu required. Dessert buffets are part of the main menu. Depending on the event or entrée, main course amounts are provided. In planning for a buffet, considerations are put on the protein amounts provided by foods such as meat or combination of items or single offering. Caution need to be taken in order to cater for both the vegetarian guests and those who like meat. The final course of the meal is completed through the administration of the final course of dessert. This is useful in bringing the menu to completion and ensuring that the guests are completely satisfied (McCarthy, 2009).

Planning the budget

This is the most important pert of the catered party and is the determinant of all the activities that are undertaken by the host. Budget considerations are very important as they enhance the effectiveness of the party.  Through proper budget considerations, the host is able to avoid unnecessary expanses that may cause financial strain and possible failure of the party. There are various considerations that need to be taken into account when considering the kind budget to engage into while planning the catered party. For instance, if the party is to be held in your home, 75% of the budget should take care of the food and beverage. This is contrary for a party that is to be held in rented venue. In this case, the food and beverages are supposed to cover only 45% of the total budget. The allure of having the most prosperous party should not be the reason why you should spend more on the party when you can actually incur fewer expenses.  The overall success of the party is therefore dependent upon the sacrifices that the host makes in offering the best services for the guests. There are several considerations about the budget of the catered party that needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid failure (McCarthy, 2009).


The hustle of planning for a perfect catered party can be overcome through attention to detail and more emphasis on every detail of the party.  Through effective planning of all the activities that are involved in the process of catering, it possible to avoid extreme hustles that usually leads to failure of the party and realize the success of the party. The success of the catered party much depends on the efforts of the host towards the satisfaction of the guests. The host needs to effectively analyze the different challenges that are present in the determination of different actions plans of the catered party.  The essence of prior planning is that several aspects of the party are eventually considered and their anticipated results and challenges determined for the success of the party.























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