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HRM Models – Southwest and British Airways

HRM Models – Southwest and British Airways

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HRM Models – Southwest and British Airways

Southwest follows the Harvard HRM system, which requires the HRM team to focus on five critical elements. The framework requires the HRM to pay attention to stakeholder interests while ensuring that worker groups, management, and shareholder achieve what they want from the workplace (Sadalla et al., 2018). The Harvard model requires the leadership team to consider situational factors such as workforce unions, characteristics and how they impact on organizational members. Southwest’s Harvard model is effective because it emphasizes on achieving impressive HRM outcomes such as cost-effectiveness, competence, and employee retention (Sadalla et al., 2018). Besides, the Harvard model considers adherence to HRM policies that advocate for key components such as reward systems, hiring, and training (Sadalla et al., 2018). For example, Southwest follows guidelines that determines the period workers spend on training, which helps to conduct the training process in the most effective manner. More fundamentally, the Harvard framework is suitable because it seeks to achieve long-term consequences in the way the airline handles its people.

Similarly, British Airways’ Michigan HRM model is helpful because it facilitates HRM practices at the firm. One of the reasons why the framework British Airways uses is effective because it stresses the need to manage people in a way that contributes towards the organization’s strategy. The fact that the Michigan model pays much attention to the selection process presents the chance to allocate people jobs that match their talents (Ali, 2012). Furthermore, stressing that leaders appraise performance on regular basis makes the model more holistic in its approach (Ali, 2012). Another factor that depicts the Michigan model as being effective is its emphasis on reward systems. Consequently, British Airways deploys various mechanisms to motivate its workers such as offering timely and satisfying pay, offering promotions, and praising good performers (British Airways, 2021). Thus, both models are effective in the way they determine management of people in both organizations.


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