Human Resource Delivery

Human Resource Delivery

  1. A.    Recruitment Procedures

Due to the large pool of customers the company requires to know whether the current staff recruitment as adequate or their need to be a charge in the requirement procedures in order to satisfy the customers.

a) Are the current staff members capable of handling the large pool of customers? If not, why?

b) Are the current recruitment procedures standard in selecting the best employees to serve the customer needs. If not, why?

c) What improvements should be made in the recruitment procedures in order to meet the customer’s needs when selecting the staff members?

  1. B.     Staff Advertising

a)      Is the current method of staff advertising of good quality? If not, why?

b)      What changes should there be to meet the most qualified staff to serve the customer needs?

  1. C.    Training and Development

a)      Is the current employee training and development able to perfect the employee’s skills in         order to meet the customer demands? If not, why?

b)      What changes should be made to the current employee training and development procedures?

  1. D.    Health and safety at work

a)      Are the current employee health and safety regulations met? If not, why?

b)       Are the employees motivated enough by the current health and safety regulations in order to serve the customers better? If not, why?

  1. E.     Performance

a)      Are the employees meeting the customer’s needs in the performance of their jobs? If not, why?

b)      What strategies should be adopted in order for the employees to perform well to meet the customer’s needs?

The Employees Assistant Program

The Employee Assistance Program can be defined as a very confidential, short-term counseling service for those employees who have personal problems such as mental illness and drug abuse, so that they can be ale to perform well in their work place. The program also covers their dependents since they also form part of the employees’ problems. Due to this description, the employees are not supposed to be affected negatively by the program, but instead the program should improve their lives and work output.

In order for the Employee Assistance Program to work well in SLA, the following recommendation should be implemented to improve the services and thus cope with the current problems. One of the recommendations is to solve the current problem involving the employees booking system. The new system should have a first-come-first-serve basis and the necessary arrangements should be made to ensure that there are no delays. Secondly, the SLA should ensure that the different counselors provided by the external company are fully qualified and they have the necessary skills to solve the employees’ problems adequately. In addition, it should be ensured that the external company signs a confidentially agreement with the employees. This will solve potential problems of the level and quality of services provided. Additionally, it will ensure that all the employees’ queries are answered and the level of confidentiality is maintained.

When all these recommendations are met by the external company, the employees should be included in the decision-making processes so that they can state whether the recommendations will suit their necessary requirements and whether there is any other suggestion that they feel will be necessary to be added. When this is done, the employees will gain confidence in the program and those who believe that they will no longer use the program will be motivated to use it.

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