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Writing a New Ending to a Story
Name of the Student:
Tessie Hutchinson was in the center of a cleared space by now, and she held her hands out desperately as the villagers moved in on her. “It isn’t fair,” she said. Tessie Hutchison closed her eyes in anticipation of the coming pain. The first stone hit Tessie Hutchinson on the head and she cried out as she stared squarely at the face of death. Her husband, hoping to reduce his wife’s agony took the biggest stone hoping to finish her off in one hit. Just as he was about to drop the stone on his wife someone cried out “wait!” The villagers are so shocked by this unexpected turn of events that they momentarily pause. “There is another way”, Mr. Adams shouts again. All the villagers turn their attention to him puzzled. “We do not have to carry out the lottery; I have seen other villages who have abandoned the practice”. Mr. Summers says “Do you want the wrath of the gods on us?” Old man Warner cries out in desperation “Do not be fooled fellow villagers, this is the only way we ensure good harvests and good health”. Just then, seven strong men walk towards the front of the crowd. One of them says,“We are the living proof that the lottery is not useful, it is but a barbaric practice meant to put fear in people’s hearts. We stopped performing the lottery and we have since then seen greater success”. Mrs. Adams finally gets her voice and says “even after making the sacrifice each year, do we not fall sick? Do our crops not fail?” There is a murmur among the villagers as they contemplate the turn of events. “Nonsense”, old man Warner says as he hurries to where Tessie was curled up so he can finish her off. “She is gone”, he cries out but no one bothers to move to look for her. The villagers start dropping the stones one by one.
The goal of this alternate ending was to resolve the conflict between tradition and change. My motive was to show that given the right reasons, people can embrace change and abandon retrogressive practices. I used the technique of logic to persuade people to change. Once people employed reasoning, they were able to see that their practices did nothing to help them. That in spite of the annual sacrifices, they still fell sick and they still had bad harvests.
Works Cited
Jackson, Shirley. The Lottery. Mankato, Minn: Creative Education, 1983. Print.

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