I am who I am

I am who I am
Name of the Student:
‘I am who I am’ is a quote I live by every day. I use this quote to refer to myself, to declare my identity. I particularly like this quote because it has certain finality to it. No one can argue with you after declaring that ‘I am who I am’. This quote for me denotes that I am complete as I am; perfect even and that I cannot be separated from myself.
I use the quote to discourage any one who has the illusion that they can somehow control my actions or change me. I use it to tell such a person that my nature is, no one can go against it and I in fact do not want to be different from my nature. The quote means that for better or for worse, I just am, people should accept me for me or just keep off of me. For me this quote also means that I am a person who is unique and different, who is impacted by a human history of urgings, desires, dreams and experiences all of which make me. It means that I do not run away from all those things that make me, I embrace them because without them, I would not be. The quote also means that I am only one, I may not have the capacity to do everything, but I can do something, my influence can be felt because I am. For me the quote ultimately means that is should be accepted for my strength, loved for my weakness for I will never be anyone else- I am who I am.

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