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If you were given 1,000,000,000 what would you do with it? Spend? Save? Both? - Accurate Essays

If you were given 1,000,000,000 what would you do with it? Spend? Save? Both?





What I would do

If I had $1,000,000,000, I would first share the news with my family. Since family comes first I would share some of the money with them and probably give each of them $5 million per person. I have four brothers and two sisters, therefore that is about thirty million off. I would then give my parents about fifty million and probably build them a house, if they agreed. Knowing my parents, they would decline the house but take the money, thus leaving me with nine hundred and twenty million. I would then go on and pay off my debts, which would amount to just several hundreds, but generously I would offer interest and probably make them get to a thousand dollars. $1,000,000,000 can be used to transform the lives of many people and secure good futures for them and their families and to achieve this proper strategizing and planning should be done.

I would then take my family on a shopping trip and buy them anything they ever wanted or wished for while buying myself the same. This would cost me approximately a million, leaving me with nine hundred and nineteen million. I would then build a house in most of my favorite countries in every continent. I would make sure they are not too fancy but just good and comfortable homes where I could go for trips and vacations. I would then buy a car for each of the homes I have built that I would use when I visit. Then I would employ caretakers for the houses to make sure they are in good condition always. By this point, I would be left with about seven hundred and nineteen million since the houses would cost about two hundred million.

I would then secure my future by saving about two million for my college fees money and upkeep money. Then I would hire an investment company and entrust about two hundred million in stocks and market securities. This is to make sure that I never am employed ever in my life. This would be a wise move since almost ninety percent of people who win the lottery are bankrupt within five years. I would then set up a charitable organization, which I would fund fully to help alleviate poverty in specific areas of the world. Since it is not realistic to eradicate poverty in totality from the world, I would do what was possible by me and then seek more funding later from bigger organizations like those run by the government.

By this juncture, I would probably be left with about three hundred and seventeen million. I would then pick about a hundred students, twenty from every continent, who are brilliant in education but are from poor backgrounds. I would then sponsor them through college which would cost me about five million. I would then buy a ranch and make the necessary repairs and renovations to make it up to speed with the current standards. The ranch would have all types of animals. This would then lead to the opening of a meat processing company for all kinds of meat. This would mean that revenue would be accruing and I would be getting income from here.

I would also start a microcredit and micro lending firm where people from developing countries would be able to access small loans to be able to start businesses or invest in a bid to improve their economic conditions and their standard of living. This would in turn help lift the standards of many people in abject poverty all around the world. This would be my biggest part of investment since it shall promote the rising of people from poverty by helping themselves and utilizing their ideas. This is because, many poor people in the world have ideas but lack proper funding and resources to actualize their dreams and ideas. With the rest of the money, which is about a hundred million, I would put in a bank and let the bank’s interest rates make it grow. By using this money in this way, I believe I would have balanced the money since some would have gone to charity, some to family, some dedicated to starting businesses and investments, and some for my leisure and comfort of my lifestyle. Finally, I would buy lunch with some of the money for all my classmates since they would also know that I won it.

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