Important Law Policies





Important Law Policies

The first policy a lawyer should learn is how to relate with clients. Whenever a client walks into a lawyer’s office, he or she expects to be treated and accorded mutual respect. Furthermore, the lawyers have to win clients trust. The relationship between the two parties must be mutual. Client should trust the lawyer to deliver justice by been passive and docile.Even if the things turn from good to worse a lawyer should strive to maintain good relationship with clients.The other policy that an attorney should adopt is being moral. This is how one relates to the society and community. Upholding such a trait will ensure that a lawyer does not victimize others in the process of representing his or her clients.

Different people lack the connection between law and religion. Some feel that adopting religion will hinder some actions that a lawyer must undertake to represent their clients better. Cases where the liberty of poor has been compromised would be avoided whenever lawyers embrace the law work as ministry work. Always, I would advocate that everything done should emulate and signify the love of God. Treating law as a ministry will ensure that a lawyer ensures justice to all and not his or her clients only.

Personally I would adopt these policies and follow them to the letter. Some of the following reason supports my backing of these policies. First, to become a good and respected lawyer, you must be able to relate well with your clients. These are the people who will spread your good name and influence more clients. Church teaches us to treat and do everything in an ethical manner. Therefore, treating law profession as a ministry will help fulfilling the will of God and obeying the love commandment.


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