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Information System Management

Information System Management

System software and application software are different. System software is software which deals in the management and control of the computer hardware to enable the application software perform tasks. Examples of system software are operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS just to name a few. Application software are software or programs that enable the user of a computer to perform tasks like word processing. Tasks attributable to system software include the transfer of data from the computer memory to a removable storage disk or any other memory storage device, rendering of text onto a display device, just to name a few.

Application software have the role of utilizing the capabilities of a computer system to directly and effectively assist the end user perform a task they wish to perform. System software on the other hand integrates these computer capabilities but does not apply them directly into the performance of tasks that are beneficial to the end user. In terms of computer architecture, system software directly deals with the architecture of the computer system’s hardware while application software deals solely with the interaction of the computer system with the end user and not with the architecture of the computer (Morley & Parker, 2008).

System software can also be said to enable control of the computer system while application software enables easier communication between the user and the computer system. Generally, system software synchronizes the computer hardware to the software and it includes all software that is installed in the computer to make it function. This includes the operating system, drivers for the computer devices just to name a few. System software is used to manage the computer resources and is designed for use by the computer and not the end user. Application software on the other hand, are designed to be used by end users and links the system software to the end user through the operating system and other utilities. They include programs like spreadsheets, word processors, e-mail applications just but to name few. They are generally referred to as software (Bangia, 2008).






















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