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Information Systems Management

Information Systems Management

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) are both automated programs employed by business establishments in the management and monitoring of trade dealings. However, both are notably highly dissimilar in their functioning and configurations. The first distinction with regard to configuration is noted in that, OLTP is fashioned as a customer application and thereby monitors transactions in form of queries to a company’s consumers; OLAP on the other hand is designed for market functions. Secondly, with regard to schema, OLTP is fitted with ER tools that are application-based while OLAP is fitted with stars or snowflakes making it a subject-baaed program (Miller-White, & Cristian, 2007). Thirdly, the data inputted in the OLTP is recent in nature and thereby very beneficial in the future decision processes while data within OLAP is historical and useful for appraisal functions. Fourthly, queries used in OLTP are acquired in form of atomic prototypes while in OLAP the same is accorded in read-only format.

With regard to functioning, the same have various divergences. First, due to the nature of configurations, OLTP being a consumer-based program is functional to information clerks and IT professionals while OLAP being a market-based program is beneficial to the executive body, knowledge workers and evaluators. Secondly, with OLTP bearing present information, it is mainly restricted within the company’s internal environment as concerned with the various departments whereas OLAP are able to cover a wider range of information collection both within the company and from the external environment. Therefore, information stored within the OLAP is highly credible for informed decision processes within a business setting (Rohm, 2002). Lastly, with the acquisition of information from OLTP being atomic in nature, reliability has to be achieved through the application of controls programs and recovery functions. With OLAP, this is not deemed as a necessary process due to its read-only status.











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