Information Technology

Information Technology






Information Technology

Information Technology involves the application of technological devices such as computers for facilitating the dispensation, acquirement, storage, exchange and communication of information. Information Technology has been considered as an important part of the society due to how it has enabled access to important information that is applied in making decisions and finding solutions for real time problems. However, for an information system to meet these demands fully, several aspects including security needs, main users, security guidelines and cost should be given great consideration during its development.

In this case, this documentation will focus on giving details on how the above factors will be included in the process of installing an operating system for an organization known as Capstone Networking. The system is meant to accommodate a network that includes ninety computers, fifteen printers. In addition, the network includes two servers that facilitate the distribution and exchange of information between the employees of the organization. The focus is in ensuring that the procedures and activities involved have increased security and reliability.

Security Requirements

            In developing a system, the requirements details on the functionalist of a system and incorporate the demands of what is required by the users within the organization (Tipton & Krause, 2011). Most system requirements are based on following the organizations’ policies while others are specified to meet the needs of system users. However, the requirements will be differentiated based on the organization levels. For example, as the high level of management will require the system on general elements borrowed from the organization’s regulations, the lower level staff will require the system to meet features that are more detailed in respect to meeting the functionalists of the business.

In the case of the operating system, the networking structure to be installed in the higher management level will be expected to meet the general specifications including a server that enables managers to oversee the computer account systems of the lower level employees. In the operational level of the organization, the networking system will enable employees to share and exchange information and communicate with one another. For example, the server will consist of an application that enables the facilitation of communication between different organization levels.

However, if there is the presence of uncertainty in a particular requirement, it is expected that it will be stipulated in a way of making it have a more suitable interpretation (Tipton & Krause, 2011). For example, the requirements of users located within and outside the organization are going to be analyzed and evaluated in order to establish the appropriate requirements for the system. Some of the system users may express their requirements in a way that cannot be interpreted by the system and therefore it leads to the need of being analyzed and interpreted by the developer in a way that brings logic to the system

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