Infrared Camera

Infrared Camera

During the summer period, our family took a trip to Louvre Museum. The trip was so spectacular and quite appealing because of diverse things that we saw in the museum. I used to ask myself many questions like the way images are produced and I thought the process of producing images was quite expensive. However, through lab experimentation on how the infrared cameras work and the images are produced, I discovered that the infrared camera could create images using infrared radiation. Additionally, I realized that painting frauds are performed by painters whose intention is to make more money.

An infrared camera is a device used to create images using infrared radiation and it is analogous to common cameras that create images using visible light. An infrared camera operates in wavelengths and helps in detecting painting facades without causing any negative effects to the paintings. The camera works in a unique way by emitting infrared radiation to an object thus creating images that are more artistic than what was captured by the camera. Infrared radiation penetrates through the upper layer side of the paint but the objects beneath them are absorbed by the dark preliminary portrayals. The light and white colored grounds are the result of remaining radiation being reflected. Actually, during the lab experimentation period, I realized that aluminum hinders penetration of infrared radiation making an object to appear black (Sandidge, 2009).

The method used in the laboratory in determining whether the paintings were original or not was quite interesting. I discovered that many painters tend to fraud paintings because their aim is to make more money. This is because some of the thermographers make common errors but instead of eliminating them, they prompt not to make any necessary improvements. Thus, when studying the patterns in nature, one can discover a lot about the way advanced technology have granted infrared equipment, which are user friendly. This equipment can cause fraud to paintings especially when one is not well trained on how to operate it. Moreover, painters may intentionally cause fraud of paintings for one reason or another.




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