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Internet Based Social Networks Effect on Advertising


Internet based social networks are the new form of bill boards, posters and advertisements, which every business is highly seeking to push its goods and services to consumers. Advertising has come a long way from when it was a word of mouth, to media, and now to internet through social sites. Social networks are sites that allow people to open up accounts and have an online presence. They allow people to chat through instant messages, add friends, upload photos and videos as well as advertise through networking with people. This makes communication cheap and efficient since minimal charges are required, while only normal internet charges apply while uploading photos and videos. This enables anybody to reach out many people from anywhere, and anybody can upload anything. Initially social networks were meant for people to connect with each other. However, organizations are finding their use in marketing, and many have invested in social media advertising.


Traditional methods of advertising such as radio, television, billboards and posters are quite expensive and cost firms large amounts of money. Having a cheaper, more efficient advertising method comes in as a benefit to the firm. Organizations are looking to invest in social media due to its costs effectiveness. More so, social media reach out to many people since it does not recognize geographical boundaries hence it can reach out to everybody with connection to the internet. Traditional advertising requires taking the billboards to different sites and shooting commercials, which are limited by geographical boundaries. Hence, costs are quite higher than social media costs. This has affected traditional marketing materially.

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