Introduction to Security (Sports)






Introduction to Security (Sports)

            Many athletes have confessed using performance-enhancing drugs. Some of them have been caught after various tests have been performed. This is usually devastating to the athletes and sports professionals as it can sometimes mean an end to dreams. The question of using drugs is a serious issue. Questions often arise as to who provides the athletes with these drugs. Owners of professional sports organizations need to be careful about the people they employ because not all of them have good intentions. Some of them take the advantage of the closeness they have with the athletes and they introduce them to these drugs. They form a close bond with them and they convince them that using the drugs will benefit them. It is important to test the employees who work in the sports environment for drugs. Chances are that if they use the drugs, they are likely to pass on the habit to the players. It could also benefit the ones who are found positive for drug use. If they intend to continue working at the organization, they will be forced to seek treatment and this would help them to stop the habit.

Employees who work in sports environments can be a major influence on the players. This is because they are in constant interaction with them. Some of the employees such as coaches are a big part of the players’ lives. It is easy for them to influence the players because the players hang on their words. They listen to what their coaches tell them and they take their advice. Because of this, it is important for the owners to know who is working for them. They should know the conduct, habit and behavior of their employees. One way of doing this is by requiring that the employees take constant random drug tests. This will enable the owners to know whether they are dealing with drug users and abusers. The owners will then know the action to take when they learn of such a situation.

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