Inventing David Geffen

Inventing David Geffen
Name of the Student:
David Geffen is the son to Batya Volovskaya and Abraham Geffen, both Jewish immigrants. He was born on Brooklyn, New York and graduated from New Utrecht High School and never completed college. As a person, David Geffen is camera shy and does not like the limelight even though he is in a business that takes people to the limelight. David Geffen is one of the most prominent philanthropists of our time giving a lot of his finances to medical research. According to friends and associates who were interviewed in this film, he is a fiercely loyal person. One of his successful traits and skills is his ability to negotiate according to the film. He is able to convince big names in the entertainment industry to work with him. For example he is able to work with big names like Tom Hanks, Elton John and Calvin Klein among others.
The aspect of David Geffen’s career that is most impressive is the way that he was able to make use of the little he had to establish a career for himself. Armed with only a high school diploma, David Geffen was able to prove that he could leave a mark in the world despite the fierce competition in the field he chose. His resilience can be transferred to make my career more successful. The new goal for my career is that I am going to establish myself as the best in what I do. I intend to pursue this goal by rising above my present situation just like David Geffen did.
In order to succeed in the music industry, one has to:
• Be persistent. One has to realize that success is not built overnight, it takes time, resources and energy to make a name for oneself
• Be versatile. One has to be ready to wear different hats before their brand is fully established.
• Be positive. There are times when the situations will be depressing and one will be criticized and rejected, one has to not give up at those times.
• Accept yourself. Each person is different and unique. One has to accept himself and not try to b someone he is not and only then can people identity with him.
• Welcome competition. Accept that there are other players in the industry and make a niche for yourself in spite of it.

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