Is segregation still an issue in American schools?






Is segregation still an issue in American schools?

Thernstrom, A. M., & Thernstrom, S. (2002). Beyond the color line: New perspectives on race and ethnicity in America. Stanford, Calif: Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University. This article summarizes the relationship between blacks and whites. The article has information of the two communities ranging from politics, crime, immigration, law, religion, family structure, economics and education. It has detailed information of why blacks and whites are not equal even after three decades. The Martin Luther dream is yet to be attained where he thought that people should be judged by their character and not by their color. Therefore, the main theme of this article is the changing racial, and ethnic scenes in the past few decades and this affects the lives of these two communities. These articles will be extremely helpful to the research because it provides information of the trends taken by segregation over the past few days. Additionally, it will be helpful to the research because it will provide information based on the topic of the research. This is where the researcher will be able to know whether segregation is still going on or not. If it is still going on, the rate at which it plays a part in the American schools will be easily identified. On the other hand, if it does not, the time when it stops is available in this article. Due to the availability of information on the historical and current situation of the issue, the article will be extremely helpful when a comparative analysis is made. In this case, the difference and similarities of the situation will be analyzed in depth in order to assess whether the situation has changed or is still the same. Lastly, the information from the article will be helpful in analyzing whether the segregation is still going on or not.

Ivery, C. L., & Bassett, J. A. (2011). America’s urban crisis and the advent of color-blind politics: Education, incarceration, segregation, and the future of U.S. multiracial

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