April Joyner

African American Humanities

December 6, 2011

Harriet Tubman: the road to freedom

Harriet Tubman: The Road to freedom is a book that was written by Catherine Clinton in February 2004. Harriet is an American abolitionist born into slavery. The book provides an excellent account of the Harriet’s life. Born as a slave in Maryland 1820s, she escaped from Philadelphia because of slavery when she was in her early 20s. During this period, she started helping other slaves to get freedom something that threatened her life. Harriet became the speaker of the anti-slavery and became an established detective in South Carolina. She worked to create change and free the thousands of slaves during the Civil War period. After the end of war, Harriet moved to Auburn whereby she continued to help the needy. Harriet established a home for providing donations to the needy and abandoned the African Americans. The author’s major theme is about the freedom of slavery, and the purpose of writing is to reveal the insightful, personal information of slavery during the Civil War period.

The author’s purpose of writing the road to freedom is to reveal the insightful personal information and the life of slavery during the Civil War Period. Therefore, the author provides a general look for the conditions of slaves in Maryland. This helps the audience to understand the way Harriet lived during her earlier years. The book is well written in that the audience will clearly understand her suburb account as well as the purpose of writing the book. The book is easy to follow, and it has very interesting details about an authentic American hero who is Harriet. The book is an endearing educational and entertaining historical paperback. Thus, Harriet is nicknamed Moses because she led the slaves in the North and liberated them from slavery hence they achieved freedom.

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