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Stress Management Techniques

            Breathing workouts alleviate stress levels within the body by enhancing the respiration process. I chose this technique since it is easy to master the art and the length required for the exercise is not much. Preferably, combining the exercise with meditative aspects helps the mind to relax as one empties the mind and concentrates on muscle relaxation. By assuming a relaxed sitting posture on a stable ground and shutting of the eyes, the dormant state of the mind allows for higher blood circulation, which reduces the levels of toxicity in the body; this muscular relaxation relieves stress in the body (Gill, & William, 2008).

Use of physical and mental exercises is another technique for stress management. The use of creativity can merge both elements into a single exercise for time saving purposes. For instance, taking a stroll for a period of thirty minutes while concurrently performing another activity like bird sighting and species identification encompasses both physical and mental workouts. The physical workout strengthens the body as well as the elimination of stress chemicals and the result is physical wholeness. The mind exercise enhances oxygen and blood supply within the brain (Clegg, 2000). Consequently, this reduces the pressure levels that may resort to the formation of headaches as prompted by stress.

Lastly, a support structure that consists of pals and family are another avenue for stress management. Stress does accumulate in the brain when one is faced by a challenge that they do not know how to handle. Sharing the situation to a family member or a pal results into the elimination of the issue from the mind and in turn, one can then focus on other matters. Events like get-togethers or sleepovers may incorporate activities like fun competitive swimming or racing, which is good for body relaxation. Additionally, the fun and laughter involved in such events are powerful stress inhibitors (Adamson, 2001).


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