Letter and CV





Letter and CV




















Mark Scott,

3342 -001-2315,



January 6, 2015.


General Daniel R. Fredrick,

Austin Military Corp,

(507) 434-2712,


Dear General Daniel,

RE: Application of Advertised Business Post.

I am writing to apply for a position of the business specialists as advertised in the Austin Military Corp website. I am a highly skillful and effective person equipped with good reading and writing skill. My language mastery and use cannot be ignored where I can fluently speak in English, French and Spanish. I am able to working under minimal supervision and more importantly I am able to work and deliver results despite working under intense pressure. As per the level of individual excellence, I have good relationship with other people where I can efficiently work in teams. However, when the situations and circumstances demands, I can perfectly work individually and deliver results.  After a series of years working as a faculty representative, I have learnt how to work with little or no supervision and always motivated to serve and provide the best.

Bearing in mind the nature of the task to assume once granted the chance in the organization, I would request for a salary of not less than $ 42000per year. It is within this annual pay that I will be able to serve the organization and indeed achieve its goals and propel it towards its mission and vision. Please look at the attached CV.






Personal Details

Name: Mark Scott

Date of Birth: 15th may 1986

Nationality: American.

Marital Status: Single

Email: scottmark@gmail.com

Education background

2012: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

New York University

2008: Diploma in Accounting and Finance

Stanford University





Ready to learn from others

Awards and Honors

2012: Satisfactory awarded certificate for a successful completion of a degree in Business Administration, from the New York University,3.5 GPA.

2008:Awarded as one of the most innovative student in the faculty of Business in Stanford University Faculty of business and presented with a certificate

2012:Received an award of the most complete student and faculty representative in the New York University.

Personal Experience

2008: Member of the Debate club in the New York University and the most active member of the year.

2009: coordinator of the first aid team in the New York University and a member of the Creative Business Club in the University.

2010:  A member of disaster management and mitigation in the California State and later a trainer in emergency management.

2011: highly active in writing where I published articles on small business management in one of the local dairy.

2012: Post degree internship in the New York Stoke Exchange company, managing to gain important experience in the stock share management and exchange.

Knowledge and skills

Competent in spoken and written English

Mastery of two foreign languages, French and Spanish

Creative and innovative in business related models

Mastery of computer usage, different packages and vast knowledge in use of different software’s

Career Objectives

Besides aiming at becoming a reputable personal in the business and business management arena, I still quest to fulfill my early age ambitions of working within military hierarchy. As a result despite being equipped with the necessary skill and knowledge, am still driven to fulfill this life goal.

Hobbies and Interests

Reading novels and writing articles

Soccer fan and player

Listening to music and playing guitar


Craig Owen,

Director New York Stock Exchange,


New York.


Larry Steve,

Dean Faculty of Business,

Stern School of Business,





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