Life Cycle and Generations








Life Cycle and Generations
















Life Cycle and Generations

Life cycle is traditionally known to indicate different phases through which various families go through. The main five traditional stages include bachelorhood, honeymooners, parenthood, post parenthood, and dissolution (Schiffman & Kanuk, 2010). However, the second stage of couples or the honeymooners is thought to the most lucrative stage of all. This phase comprises of freshly wedded couple with no kids. Unlike the bachelorhood stage, at this juncture the couple is at a better financial position. This phase is highly characterized with things such as domino pizzas, television cables subscriptionand use of laptops and tablets computers. Since both spouses may be working and incurring low expenses, they spend some money in domino pizzas. In addition, the love of luxurious things and presence of good income leads to purchasing of gadgets such as tablets, laptops and expensive mobile phones. Payment of TV cable is necessitated by the quest of the couple to spend time together.

The picked column is on the Generation Z, between the year 1995 and 2010. This is the group of teens and aged kids. This discussion will major on consumption psychology of this group from row of iconic technology. This is a row characterized by the use of MacBook, Google, Android, social media and play stations. One of the notable things about this generation is the affection of technology. The quest to socialize through different social media platform is one of the factors that have made this generation to be more inclined to electronic devices such as android smartphones (Zickuhr & Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2011). Unlike the other generations, Generation Z covets new things. New technology is always received warmly and this is one of the weapons used especially in mobile phone arena by manufactures. Moreover, most of people in this generation have total trust on brands posted in the social media.



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