Literature Review

Literature Review


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Literature Review


First responders and community health officials are faced with the biggest challenge in case of an emergency. The situation is complicated further if they do not have the necessary knowledge to deal with the emergency. Emergencies can sometimes occur because of nature and in this case, they cannot be avoided. Some emergencies, such as terrorism activities, are usually planned and carried out by different individuals and groups. In recent times, terrorists have become more daring in their attacks, and they are using all the necessary means they can to carry out their deeds. This has been enabled by technological advances, which make it easier for the terrorists to develop weapons. The problem of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosives (CBRNE) have become a real threat to people and the nations all over, as terrorists are not hesitating to use the weapons in their disposal. When these weapons are used, they change the way that the relevant authorities respond to the emergencies because they bring further complications. As first responders and community health officials, it is important that you understand clearly the components of CBRNE, consequence of their use and the way of dealing with such cases once they occur.

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