Making life’s Moments Count

Making life’s Moments Count

Life is like a sea, which is sometimes peaceful, allowing us to sail fast and smoothly and other times it creates thousands of wind waves, setting us back. It is during such hard times in life that I stop my sail to learn. I gain courage, confidence and wisdom for living – mainly gratitude. Additionally, I get to understand that one needs to move from positions of comfort to take the risks required for forward propulsion in life.

Unlike most high school graduates, I did not enjoy a long vacation before starting my college life. During the summer of the reporting year, I anxiously decided to move to America in order to start a new life and to pursue my educational dreams. My lifelong desire was to go to the University of California, even though it was not in the state of Oregon, where all my relatives were. Therefore, with almost everyone against my dream, I boarded a flight heading to Los Angeles, leaving my family, my dependence and my cowardice behind.

I learnt the cruelty, unfairness and the harshness of life in Los Angeles. Accommodation was not a problem for I was living in a friend’s room. Every morning, I would wake up in this strange living room in my friend’s apartment and start my daily learning. I learnt to cook, drive and to walk several miles in the cold wind asking the store managers whether they were hiring. Most importantly, during this period – before the college approval – I realized that studying opportunities were quite precious. I therefore started borrowing books from libraries in order to keep myself acquainted with my field of interest. I usually spent the whole night studying after work. Sometimes, I would be sent to my friend’s class as an auditor. It was as if all of a sudden, the books that had once been a bother to me had become the love of my life. Honestly, I enjoyed every moment I was in the classroom.

I applied several learning methods, which helped me recover the one semester I had not been in class. As attributed to hard work, I was also able to complete all the given courses with excellent performances. After joining college, I usually sympathized with students who complained about studying as a time wasting activity. To me, I felt highly honored for the study chance, due to the hardships I had experienced before. In addition to this, I appreciate both frustrations and opportunities I come across in my life. They made me courageous enough to face life. I have also grown to be a confident adult, who pursues what he really wants.

Overall, I have learnt several lessons. It is always good to get out of one’s comfort zone for it is the only way leading to progress. One should never discriminate for one never knows where his or her turning point lies. We face challenges in our daily lives that strengthen us so that we may be able to live a better tomorrow. One can never make it on their own. We all need each other.


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