Maple Nutrition

Distribution is one of the four components of marketing.  A distributor acts as the intermediary between the manufacturer and the consumer. Maplelife Nutrion is a new entrant in the Natural Health Products market segment. They are yet to fully exploit the market. One of the ways the can do this is through an aggressive marketing strategy which encompasses an elaborate and efficient distribution channel.

Before establishing the distribution channel, Maplelife must ensure that people are aware of the various products they have in the market. People cannot buy something they are not aware of particularly if it relates to health. This as has been stated before can be done through various means such as advertising and publicity campaigns. After awareness is created Maplelife Nutrition can now go ahead and create an extensive distribution channel.

One of the modern methods of distribution that has been tried and tested is network marketing. This is where an individual buys a product and is awarded points upon recruiting other people to use the product. The points can be redeemed in the form of cash or free purchases of the products. Network marketing also rewards the aggressive marketers by making them the regional heads of their respective areas and they are able to earn a commission  based on their penetration of the market. Network marketing has been successfully exploited by other companies offering natural health products such as GNLD in South Africa and Tiens Group from China.

Maplelife can also use the traditional method of distribution. This involves looking for retailers and or wholesalers who will sell the products by recommending a prescription of Maplelife products to an ailing customer. The retailers then receive a commission based on their sales. This may require a lot of resources as the distribution network must have logistical support. They must purchase or lease vehicles to operate the distribution channel as well as look for qualified and trust worthy personnel.

Maplelife might consider exploiting both of these distribution channels in the short term then stick to the most viable one in the long term. However, I would recommend network marketing as it has proved to be very effective when it comes to marketing natural health products.

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