Marketing of IBM Company

Marketing of IBM Company

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Marketing is a critical concept in any organization that has ventured into the business world and is determined to profit. It is usually a result of marketing research that one can thrive through the business world as they can choose the best strategies to engage in to achieve the best results in the marketing of the product of any company. The advertisement of any product usually leads to branding of the business into the best position that coerces the customers to buy products of the particular product. There are various positioning strategies of the development employed by different companies based on the characteristic of the product, price, quality and luxury, and competition. International Business Machines uses various positioning strategies to market its products and stay afloat in the business, as most of the population is aware. The company uses the skills positioning and conversation action strategies in marketing. In addition, technology favors the success of the product advertising of the International Business Machine Corporation.

Marketing of IBM Company

Every company that ventures into business is always determined to maximize its profits despite the various challenges that come with multiple opportunities. The mechanisms through which the company makes profits is through the marketing of her shares and her products in the market. Marketing is defined as the various actions and businesses of promoting and selling the company products and services. Marketing comprises marketing research and advertising. Marketing research includes the different processes of the viability determination of any new services or products. Mwangi (2017) attest that viability determination involves conducting the research directly with the potential customers in the real market. Through marketing research, any company can discover its target market and gather feedback from its customers on their products and services and their interests. This helps the company to offer the best of its products and services depending on the customers’ feedback hence increasing the sales. Advertising of a product is the mechanisms involved in creating awareness of the product or service to the audience or marketplace (Iyer et al. 2019). Data collected from research on marketing strategies play a significant role in advertising the product or service as it best communicates the brand. Positioning is a new marketing strategy which illustrates on the mechanism the brand would be perceived in the mind of customers in relation to the competitive brands in the market. Therefore, position in marketing is described as the ability to influence consumer customer perception of the product or service. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational technology company based in the United States with headquarters in Armonk. It utilizes the positioning mechanisms in addition to the various positioning tasks to remain afloat on potential customers hence staying afloat in the market and out-competing her competitors.


Positioning strategy in marketing

Positioning is fundamentally used in the marketing for consumer products and business to business. Through the use of positioning strategy, first are able to create an image of the brand’s product onto the mind of the targeted customer (Johnson, 2019). Through positioning, businesses are able to communicate to customers their current position hence influencing the customer’s attitude towards the product. The market segment identified by the firm must be profitable, and the firms establish the most attractive design of their brand. Effective positioning of a company translates to a unique selling proposition of that company’s product as it is from this that the customers are enticed to purchase that product over other competitors; products. To effectively determine the positioning strategy, the branding company must design how best the business looks different from other companies and identify the market conditions and opportunities present, thereby in the market (Johnson, 2019). The balance between the business strategy and sales and the marketing tactics helps the consumers to determine if a certain brand from a particular company is competing on price or quality.

There are various positioning strategies improvised by multiple companies in the branding of their products. A company might use certain product characteristics as a positioning strategy by associating the factors that attract a major benefit to the consumer (Fayvishenko 2018). Positioning is based on price and is usually an association between the product and the price. The business company tries to offer the lowest value of its product; hence the value becomes the position. Positioning based on quality and luxury does not use price as the focal point of communication and selling point but instead uses high quality and prestige. Therefore, the reputation and quality coerce the customers to demand that product (Johnson, 2019). Product use or application in the market is designed to offer meal replacements depending on the individuals’ purpose. The competition’s utilization as the differentiation positioning entails incorporating any key difference of her product or service that is unique as their bargaining power. This method is used by companies that command a substantial market share hence must be attractive to a large group of customers.

International Business Machines corporation

International Business Machines corporation is a company involved in the sale of computer hardware, middleware and software as well as providing consultation and housing services. It is one of the ancient companies established in the united states with inventions dating back to floopy disks, hard disk drive and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) inventions. The company has expanded to serve the global markets hence the need for the improvisation of various strategies in marketing of its products. The modern International Business Machines Corporation is a rebrand of the company’s strategy of remaking its culture. The company still retains its strong brand by tending to that culture, ensuring its employees are able to effectively understand and reflect on the organizations’ mission, values, and visions. This strategy is referred to as branding business and usually indicates that great brands ignite from inside of the company (Mwangi 2017). This strategy further describes that if the business is more based on knowledge, people become the brand rather than the products or services offered by that company. The company’s strategy is thus focused on increasing the conversation marketing through employees who walk the “smarter planet talk” at big blue. The position of the company occurred in phases where the company integrated in front of the customer. Through the consultation of Price Waterhouse Consulting’s expertise, the company transformed. The second transformation aimed to make a smarter planet focus through the application of technology as the change was more needed to serve better the individual and societal needs (Iyer et al. 2019). At present, the company is transforming through the nexus of forces combining around cloud, social mobile, and analytics. These combinations are thus opening up various new paradigms and possibilities, hence realizing the transformation of the organization.

International Business Machines corporation utilizes the skills positioning strategy in the marketing of the products. Fayvishenko (2018) argues that the employees working within the organization are the reason being the brand’s success as the company’s value is based on the skill, experience, intelligence, and reputation of the International Business Machines Corporation. The International Business Machines corporation branding targets the stakeholder. The organization serves forward thinking clients, employees, and investors, and the company invests in the stakeholders to create an experience that they would like to deliver for the brand. The company also uses a selective targeting strategy to avail products and services to the clients as specified by the customers. Therefore, it utilizes the user benefit arising from positioning strategy through the company’s positioning in the creation of value for the company stakeholders who are the customers through the value delivery system.

The International Business Machines corporation’s various actions give her a stand out strategy in the marketing of her products. The International Business Machines corporation conducts campaigns around multiple cities designed to get insight into solutions to upcoming problems hence the application of conversation marketing. For instance, campaigns are being undertaken around smarter cities which are targeting police audience. This campaign is looking for solutions that can help the police use analytics to predict and prevent crimes in major cities (Iyer et al. 2019). Therefore, the International Business Machines corporation uses search and social listening to identify what the audience is responding to crime invention and from whom the information was obtained. Through this action by the International Business Machines Corporation, they are able to get insight into the language and the audience hence mapping the position to market (Fayvishenko 2018). By creating a conversation map, the company can locate the assets that align with the different parts of the dialogue. This translates to keeping everybody in sync. The dialogue map and aids help the company in the marketing execution and enable sales.

The modern world is slowly changing, so does the business need to adapt to the changes so as to outcompete the various competitors. International Business Machines Corporation is integrating the technology to outcompete and build its brand to the competitors. International Business Machines corporation ensures business continuity and disaster recovery services that support the business across the various harsh environments (Iyer et al. 2019). The different technological platforms that offer the company ability to maneuver the harsh climate and outstand are the public cloud, private cloud, and online premises, traditional data center environments. Since the modern world is moving to the digital world, the International Business Machines corporations thriving well in the market and ensure success in the marketing of the product.

In conclusion, marketing of any products or services is essential for the company to be able to capture the market and increase sales. The marketing process involves the various strategies that come with conducting marketing research to determine the market’s viability. It also requires advertising, which translates to the company’s positioning in the market as it strives to retain its brand and continue thriving in the market as it extracts major profits from the market. The positioning technique in marketing enables the need to create a competitive and advertising brand for its products. The most attractive business brand coerces the consumers to buy products from her company only and not from her competitors. Multiple companies employ various positioning strategies as they try to persuade the employees to purchase that company’s consequences. There is a positioning strategy based on the product’s price, product characteristics, quality and luxury, competition and product use, and utilization. The modern international Business Machines corporations use the rebranding technique, which incorporates the remarking of its culture. The company uses the smart planet talk in the conservation strategy to remain afloat in the market, ensuring its competitors outcompete. The International Business Machines corporation also utilizes skills positioning and selective targeting strategy. The actions of the International Business Machines corporation make the company stand out in the marketing of its products, like campaigning techniques in the conservation marketing strategy. The company’s actions to utilize the technology enables the company to outcompete her competitors. Loyalty and trust are gained by creating a customer experience, ensuring the customers have confidence in the product, thus ensuring the product’s marketing process’s success.


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