Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy






Marketing Strategy

Through its marketing strategy, YRC Worldwide has attracted both customers and other businesses. However, it not just about coming up with a marketing strategy but it is also about considering the balance between demand and productivity, structuring the service environment, people management in order to achieve a service advantage, and striving in order to achieve service leadership, amongst others (Lovelock & Wirtz, 2011).

Company’s Competitors

Some of the well-known competitors of the company include Arkansas Best Corporation, Con-way Inc, ABF Freight System Inc, and FedEx Freight Corporation (Top YRC, 2012). The areas of competition include the less-than-truckload carriers, the sector of transportation services, trucking, and truckload carriers. Arkansas Best has a substantial advantage on the services of freight transportation. Con-way’s foremost competitive advantage is in trucking and logistics. Fedfex’s competitive advantage is in the less-than-truckload form of transportation (Top YRc, 2012).

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