Memorandum Report

John Morrison had good intentions. He wanted the grades of Mayhall to improve. He made this clear from the beginning. He is a theology student and according to him things should always be perfect. The partly explains his behavior. He wants people to do as he says because he believes whatever he says is right. He comes across as a focused individual and an idealist as well. However he is not realistic. His approach to issues affecting the house is questionable. For example when he confiscates all the radios in the house and bans transcorridor communication he goes to far. He ignores the fact he is dealing with students who are the same age as him. He should face reality and stop thinking he can impose his beliefs on others.


The Author:

The author being the president is mature and realistic. He terms John’s action of ordering students to turn-off their radios and forbidding transcorridor communication as high-handedness and unnecessary. He understands that some students like to study with soft music in the background. He understands the students need some space as young adults. The fact that he says that some of the student’s radios deserved to be confiscated  but not all means he is understanding. However instead of keeping his thoughts to himself he should express his thoughts to John on how the house should be run.


The Dean of Men:

The dean of men believed that John would handle the situation well. However he should have consulted with the counselor and the president more often in order to know what is happening in the house. He is too laid back and should take more interest in the matters of the house.


The problems that exists:

To begin with, majority of the students in Mayhall House major in either engineering or commerce-generally acknowledged as the most difficult in campus. This may contribute to the poor grades. However this should not be an excuse. The students should work hard to improve their grades. The radio and the transcorridor conversations I believe is their form of recreation. This I believe helps them manage the stress brought about by their studies. The five or six students who are not applying themselves fully in their academics should be talked to and told to work harder as they are bringing the grades of the house down. The dean of men should also get more involved in the student affairs. He should meet with them at least once a week and address their issues together with their leaders

The People involved:

The Mayhall House has four characters; John Morrison, the counselor, the author, the student and the dean of men. To begin with, John Morrison had good intentions but he had the wrong approach. He should have consulted with the students before making any drastic decisions. The author should also be involved more with the students. He is very passive. The students also have a part to play. They should work harder to lift the grades of the house. They should also learn how to present their grievances. What they did to John was not fair even though he had driven them to the wall. Finally it is the responsibility of the dean of men to make sure the house is in order as the buck stops with him. He should not just appear when things get out of hand.











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