Men vs. Guys


Men generally have a tendency of making their presence known and felt by the public. They lay great emphasis on their manhood, which in the real sense has resulted in a lot of trouble than benefits to them in their quest to have their “man hood” respected. They are also conservative in nature and do not like in engaging in activities they find too liberal or compromising to their manhood in the society. Guys on the other hand are very liberal and lay great emphasis on what makes them happy irrespective of what the society thinks. Guys usually behave like immature children and rules and guidelines have to be laid out for them to follow. They also lay great emphasis on technology, sports less on their emotions. Due to the liberal and almost uncivilized nature of guys, they are often without feelings and do not believe in communicating their feelings to other people since at most time they lack them.

I think the essay has really portrayed the true difference between men and guys. It also shows the similarity between guys and animals in the way they act and respond to their responsibilities. In addition, women although portrayed in a less significant role go to play a great role in guys’ lives thus bringing sanity and a sense of direction to them. Men as usual like to be seen as the pride of society and do not indulge in situations that do not command such attention. They are also not technology gizmos as much as guys, they like their life in a straightforward manner and will not indulge in anything wild unless they feel that their manhood is being compromised. Guys on the other hand live on a free and liberal spirit and never seem to settle down in life like the men.

They believe in being happy at whatever the cost and usually go to great lengths to achieve this. They also indulge in activities that when viewed by others would seem to be crude and primitive but to them is a way of showing their prowess thus they engage in meaningless challenges that are not beneficial to anybody. Culturally, guys are not cultured. They engage in immature activities for example belching and worse of they find such activities funny. They are also very aggressive in nature but more often do not like activities that bring trouble and sorrow to them. Due to this, they will normally try to follow rules but mostly end up breaking them thus landing into petty trouble unlike men who like wars in order to prove their superiority over the others.

Guys are also very much conscious with technology and will most likely get the latest trend in technology and show it off to their friends even though the gadget is of no use. This nature has resulted in finding the latest video games, laptop computers and flat screen televisions that boost the latest clarity and contrast ratio. In the real sense, they do not really need the gadgets but do so to fulfill their spirit desires. They are also very explorative with technology as opposed to nature.

However, I do disagree with the writer as he points out that guys do not have a well defined moral code. The truth of the matter is that guys like men do have a moral code which they apply in their daily lives the only difference is that guys have a strange sense of humor which would normally pass as immoral but is not so. In addition, the issue about faithfulness to their partners is not restricted to guys only but is applicable fairly to men and women also.

Generally, I do agree that it is okay for guys to behave in their ordinary nature and not to try and change which would result in negative effects on them and the environment they are in. However, they should tone down on activities that do not have importance in their activities for example adding expensive collection of computers into their possession. Men on the other hand should control their ego and if not so, try to be guys which is more productive in the end.

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