Mission statement and vision

Compass Group North America is a commercial company in food management and hospitality. It is among the best world food management companies in the world. The company’s mission statement, ‘Everyone in compass is committed to consistently delivering superior service in the most efficient way, for the shared benefit of our customers, shareholders, and associates’. The company’s vision is ‘To be a world class provider of contract food service, renowned for our great people, our service and our great results’ (Group North America, 2004). The mission statement and vision of this company are effective. Considering the mission statement, it clearly shows how the company will achieve its goals and objectives. The mission indicates that compass company has a common goal which is to satisfy its customers, shareholders, and its other stakeholders in the most effective and efficient way. It unites all its employees and directs them towards the achievement of a common goal which is delivery of quality services and high returns. Its vision shows the target of the company and this serves as a motivational factor and gauge for evaluating the progress of the company.

Unidine is an American non commercial company that offers food management services. This company contains proven specialists that develop a well organized food programs for hospitals, businesses and other senior services that guarantee results. The mission statement is, ‘To exceed customer expectations and meet financial commitments. Its vision is ‘To be the industry leader, exclusively providing food and dining management’ (Unidine, 2007). Being a no commercial company its mission statement and vision are effective. Its mission statement clearly indicates that the company works on maximizing the satisfaction of its customers at low cost and not necessarily making profits. Its vision is to be the best company exclusively, providing food and dining management service. This motivates its workers to work harder and to concentrate only in offering food management services (Newton, 2007).


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