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Mobile phones and drivers

Mobile phones and drivers

The introduction of mobile phones has brought numerous impacts on the lives of many people. This is both positively and the negative the impacts on the lives of the people. Mobile phones are said to be a symbol of improvement in technology. The sector of telecommunication has tremendously changed due to its ability to be adjustable to the modern technology. This significantly has played vital role in ensuring that peoples standards of living in maintained at high levels. In addition, mobile phones have a certain unique attention that they demand from the users. Many of the recent models of the mobile have many features such as the game and other music players that also once opened they disrupt the attention of the user. These many applications on the phone have made many people to multitask and therefore posing a great risk to the people who are using the phones. In addition, people who have been affected by this kind of risk include the drivers of the vehicles. This is because “numerous road accidents are caused by the action of people multitasking while driving and thus loosing control over the main issue of road safety” (Depken 2006).

The use of mobile phone while driving is very dangerous because phones have a lot of influence on the mind setting of a person. This is also associated with the quick attention that a person gives to a caller even in his normal way without driving. The urgency of a call can make a driver to loss focus on the act of driving due to the division of attention. The act of conversation is a human element that is perceived to demand a lot of concentration because it involves the actions of the mind in translating the information that is being conveyed. However, even as human mental capability being taken to have power to multitask, when it comes to the act of conversation, it is not perfect in multitasking. The division of attention in calling while driving brings about loses of control in especially when of driving and thus ending up causing an accident. This accident is very much controllable however due to the panicking that arises after the driver realizes that he has lost his focus, he is unable to relax quickly. Therefore, receiving a call or calling is very dangerous when it come to highway driving where different types of vehicles are passing. This is because, in a busy road, a slight mistake may end up causing a severe accident.

The act of driving while using a phone can be destructive in the instance where it requires the driver to use the phone to write a text to the recipient. This gives the impression that the driver will have to use one hand in driving while the other holding the steering. In addition, in this type of responding, the eyesight of the driver is divided in order to evade writing wrong spelling and on the other side, the driver fears to lose his sight on the road. The combined fear result to depression and panicking of the driver and hence unable to function optimally while driving. The act of driving involves the use of two hands and therefore the application of one hand can result to undesired mind response because the body is weak and unable to respond quickly to the signals of the mind. Hence, “many road accidents are caused by the insufficient use of the required attention towards the holding of the steering of the vehicle” (Hole 2007). Even with calling, the driver should focus on ensuring that the use of the phones is minimized in order to prevent accidents that are caused by reckless behavior of a driver who has divisions of interests. In driving, maximum body organization is required in order for the driver to have maximum control in the driving and thus ensuring the safety of the passenger and other driver is enhanced. Therefore, driving in most cases require maximum attention of the driver in order to prevent road accidents.

The use of the mobile phones while driving is greatly discouraged even with the introduction of hands free phones. This is because; the use of phones has always had an effect on the mindset of an individual thus anything that influences the area of control poses risk. It is thus important to ensure that in the act of driving, the driver should provide maximum attention in the road in order to evade and prevent accidents on the roads. With the knowledge about the influence of the phone on the psychology of drivers, it is therefore vital for the drivers to be aware of the influence that is caused by the use of phones on the road. Sequentially, in an attempt to negotiate a bend, the driver needs to use two hands consecutively to hold the steering firmly thus enhancing efficiency in driving. With conservative to these rules, the driver is able to maintain a safe distance when he or she is behind another vehicle. Through this way, the driver takes into consideration of the safety of other drivers and passengers in the road. Therefore, it is not good for drivers to respond to phones while driving because it is dangerous.


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