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My Capstone Project

My Capstone Project

Challenges I Encountered as I Synthesized and Integrated the Resources for my Literature Review

My Capstone project Proposal was on Program Evaluation in Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art’s department. The Program analysis was centered on finding ways to carry on the department’s growth, while sustaining the financial solvency. In the writing of the review, I had to come up with a strategic plan for the proposal backed up by secondary data (Bean, Bellerue & Borten, 2009). In the proposal, I had to include an evaluated financial budget for the program and statistical analysis of the required data including the student population for approval. For the purpose of the proposal, I had to do a program analysis of the education program. These included outsourcing secondary data and comparing the revenues collected in the program for the past couple of years for analysis. With this data, I was able to accurately pinpoint the cost trends and notice where I would save on costs (Schepmann & Hughes 2006). The student population count was equally important because of the future needs of the students.

Having surveyed the situation, I was faced with a number of challenges; first, I had to develop an argument in which I was to prove my project valid for funding from the donor. In support of the argument, I had to believe strongly in at least one position that I was interested in advocating and managing. In doing this, I had to list down my pros and cons for the project, examine, and see the ability to support my project. It was challenging to outsource verifiable data to support my document because it involved a lot of research on files that had been stored over a long period and others did not have accurate data. I had too much I my hands in a short period. I had to have facts, which included statistical inferences. Striking a deal between my mentor and I was equally challenging. The financial committee expected me to do the opposite of my mentor’s advice; so convincing him was quite a big deal. Convincing the two groups on how I really intended to handle the program was tasking. I had to play the role of a consultant and a student at the same time. Thankfully, the committee was flexible and agreed to my decision on setting up the project (Writer, 2009).

Another major challenge I faced was the changes that were undergoing in Gertrude Herbert Institute. The institution was shuffling the management and therefore it took me a longer duration to process and acquire materials and resources. Some of my scheduled meetings were postponed because of the changes that were happening in the institute. My schedule always took a different turn from what I expected. The teleconferencing was something new to me and was a little challenging when I was starting (Erickson & Weber State University, 2002). This included involving my mentor during such calls. This was at times difficult because organizing both teams to be present physically or on phone was tasking due their different schedules. My clients and advisors kept postponing scheduled meetings too, making it had to follow my plan. Other factors played part in the delay of the project commencement. Most of the secondary data involved time and funding to acquire the facts. Sourcing for funds was difficult because funds were only allocated to dissertations and not capstones. My site was 2 hours away and apart from the project, I had to work and attend classes. I had a busy schedule and had to work hard to make the project a success


 Despite these challenges, the project was beneficial to the institute. It was a culminating educational experience providing an opportunity to be mentored. I received both negative and positive criticism and was able to absorb both. I was given responsibilities that I managed and this lead to the success of my Capstone project. My mentor was quite helpful and spoke out his mind, making us a great team.














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