My Experience with Entrepreneurship

My Experience with Entrepreneurship

In the module of enterprise and entrepreneurship, I have had a range of experiences that have taught me many valuable lessons. Interaction with students and lecturers has taught me a great deal of lessons. During the module, interaction with other students taught me that entrepreneurship is about connecting with people to realize maximum results for a business. When I enrolled for the model, I expected to learn in class through listening to the teacher and asking questions. I expected to learn the academic details of the module without having to interact with students to learn from them. We interacted in groups, which proved to be a key resource for learning.

These groups provided us with an opportunity to exchange ideas and have a diversified knowledge of the module’s contents. Out of the course, I got all the necessary knowledge of entrepreneurship and hoe to be a good entrepreneur. A good entrepreneur is supposed to be futuristic in his thoughts, planning and analyzing the environment in which he exists. My perceptions of the module as the year started were that entrepreneurship was about skills of starting a business, and making it successful through a well-calculated method. This was true in some bit, but as the year progressed, I found out that entrepreneurship is not just the calculations one makes in the business. I learned that it is not everybody who can be a successful entrepreneur.

My perception of an entrepreneur was anybody who starts a business. To some extent, this is true since that is the basic meaning of entrepreneurship. As the module progressed, I learned that there are characters associated with an entrepreneur. According to Stokes and Wilson (2006) in their book wrote that the first trait of an entrepreneur is the force within them to achieve. Another trait is the courage to take up risks. Towards the end, my perception of an entrepreneur is person who is a risk taker.

My expectations of entrepreneurship at the beginning of the module were met. I expected to learn what entrepreneurship is, and how best to be one. From my experiences with the students, especially during discussions, I found out that people take it to be initiating an entity. This was met well by the curriculum of the module. However, my expectation of learning management in details was not met, though I came to understand that it is another different field all together. While entrepreneurship dwells on starting a business from scratch, management is just a way of coordinated efforts to provide direction for a business.

In this course, just as others, there were difficulties in the module. During learning, English, which is my second language, was the formal learning language. Spelling of English words and reading some difficult words was a problem in me. I had to do a thorough consultation from dictionaries to get the basic meaning of these words. This posed a challenge to me since everyone had the prowess of English in the class. Since I have known myself to be an implementer, lack of understanding the English words made it difficult for me to implement the ideas well. I was faced by the problem of misinterpreting the ideas, and would often make wrong implementations. However, through hard work, I learned that nothing is impossible since I progressed well in understanding English, and I find it easy to implement the ideas fully.

Working with group members from my country was very helpful in understanding English more. Being a team player was easy for me, especially in as group of my own country members. It was quite easy to interact with them and learn more easily and faster. I was able to contribute in discussions, and understand the course more than I did by listening to the teacher. In the team, I found it easy to be an implementer. My role as an implementer was to put the ideas that came across into action. I learned that with this skill, it would be easy for me to practice entrepreneurship, since putting the ideas into practice is one crucial thing in entrepreneurship. This added my confidence of becoming a successful entrepreneur. My ability to be an implementer is largely due to my enthusiasm of wanting to do new things, with new ideas. This motivates me to do even more.

From this role of being an implementer, I learned that it involves taking many risks, which one cannot be fully sure that it will yield success. I realized that how you implement ideas is very important in entrepreneurship. I also learned that entrepreneurship could not be run fully, by one person, depending on its size, since one cannot be good in all of the traits needed. This I learned from the team, when once, we exchanged roles. When I took the role of coordination, and the coordinator took my role, things changed significantly. In this role, I felt I was not doing what I should be doing. This made me realize that different individuals have different roles in a team that fits their potential fully.

From this module, I learned how to evaluate opportunities and take them up. I learned this through the many assignments that were provided by the lecturers and the book. These assignments were a challenge that drove me to learn more. At the end, I found them to be very interesting and enjoyable. According to Stokes and Wilson (2006) they say that entrepreneurship involves being able to complete an analysis of an opportunity and its environment. From this module, t learned how to create an entrepreneurship, through planning; using strategies that help the venture become successful. How to start up ventures and franchise them to penetrate well in the market, how to market the business, financial needs of the business, and how one can exit the market, which I thought was just quitting, but found there are issues involved.

This module has helped me prepare for the next year, which takes us to the next module. It has given me a vast knowledge of entrepreneurship, which is its main core. This module helped me learn what I am good at, what to improve on, and what I cannot do well. This is very useful for the next year, to be sure of which line of entrepreneurship to take and in which business field I can enter into and fit best.

This module gave me very useful knowledge in life. At this stage, I feel that I can enter into entrepreneurship, without much difficulty. Many people start businesses without enough knowledge of entrepreneurship, which costs them uncountable losses. This module has helped me prepare for life after university, since I have knowledge of what I want to do in the future, which is entrepreneurship. Considering I am an implementer, it has helped me prepare on how to implement my ideas, how to analyze them, the opportunity and environment. After this module, I have confidence that I can make a good entrepreneur.

The module has really developed my skills very well. From it, I gained skills of evaluating ideas by scrutinizing their viability; it has developed my skills of marketing, which were very shallow at the start of the module. The module has developed my skills by giving me a deeper understanding of the course, and improving all the skills I had and giving me mew skills to go with. It has developed my implementing skills by giving me guideline of implementing successfully.

After the module, I have been able to think of my strengths and weaknesses. I realized some weaknesses I had, which I did not know I had. I have been able to improve on them progressively throughout the module. I have learned how to minimize them, and how to turn them into strengths. I have realized some strength I have, which never occurred to me before. A strength I realized I had is putting ideas into action, for best results. This was from my experience in the team tasks, that I participated in.

Conclusively, from this module I have learned that entrepreneurship knowledge is very useful in business growth and starting up. The ideas I had before have been confirmed, some right and other wrong. The module content is well designed to empower the learners with a vast knowledge in entrepreneurship, which makes one a successful entrepreneur. The interactions of the students and lecturers ensure a smooth learning environment. The groups have been very important, since they gave me an opportunity to exercise my knowledge in a team and realized my best role in a team. From the module, what I have learned is a lot that this is a mere overview of them, and the experiences will remain to guide my decisions in entrepreneurship in my future career. Now I know that what makes a good entrepreneur. According to Bridge (2004), the attitude of an entrepreneur is very crucial to his or her career, as a successful entrepreneur.













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