My Sister’s Keeper Novel Review

My Sister’s Keeper

The book, “My Sister’s Keeper” by Jodi Picoult is a moving, inspiring, affecting, sad, conquering, zealous, heart wrenching and tremendously powerful tale about the Fitzgerald’s family. The family is united in their love for each other but conflict comes in where love and sacrifice ends. The book is ultimately a story about two sisters, Kate and Anna, who are inseparable until fundamental decisions pressure to tear them apart, changing their entire lives forever. The author of the book, Jodi Picoult, utilized two important themes of family and individuality in its plot development.

The main theme of the book is family. Despite the fact that the individuals in Fitzgerald’s are part of the same family, they did not get along well because of Kate’s ailment. This is because she is struggling to stay alive. Sara, Kate’s mother, is willing to pay any price to save her daughter’s life even if it means risking her family’s jollity. Kate’s father Brian runs from facing the reality by spending most of his time at the fire station. The leading character of the story is Anna who is the youngest child in the family.

She struggles throughout the novel between doing what is right and wrong. Anna loves her sister so much and she can do anything in the world to save her life. She is willing to sacrifice herself for her sister’s life but she later decides to save her own life. Jesse is the oldest sibling who is irresponsible and isolates himself from the rest of the family. Kate’s parents are torn between saving her life and wanting to pay attention to the other children in order to lead a normal life. The siblings too would wish to get along well but they are not in a position for they constantly argue about Kate’s illness. The author utilizes the family conflict in expansion of the tale’s storyline.

The other major theme deals with individuality. Ann wants to be her own person, to be free to operate on her own and not constantly be apart of her sister’s life. This is because she does not want to live in her sister’s silhouette without enjoying her normal life. Ann intends to make her own decision in spite of hurting other people’s feelings. She opposes the fact that people want to take advantage of her simply because her genes and Kate’s are same. She expects people to value her for who she is but not because she is a donor.

Jesse, her elder brother wants attention as seen where he wants people to be grateful for who he is. He does this by completely secluding himself from his family. Jodi Picoult writes the book from all characters’ points of view. The use of this particular style enables the reader to understand both sides of the book’s conflict. This is because each character scrutinizes the story differently. Most mothers in the entire world would take Sara’s stand by trying the best they can to save their daughters lives. Members of the Fitzgerald’s family live their lives in different ways and it is for this reason that they are not able to come together in finding a solution for Kate’s ailment.

In conclusion, it can be drawn that the use of the themes, individuality and family assisted Jodi Picoult in the plot development of the book, “My Sister’s Keeper”. The author describes the different characters in the book. Kate who is the central character in the story suffers from Leukemia and she is the main cause of the trouble that exists in the family. Anna is supposed to risk her life where she is supposed to save her sister’s life. Kate’s mother is torn between ensuring her family leads a normal life and concentrating on her daughter’s health. It is evident from the book that Kate’s father does not accept the reality for he spends most of the time at his place of work. In addition, Jesse, the elder brother is portrayed as irresponsible where he completely isolates himself from the rest of the family.

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