New Product Proposal B

New Product Proposal B








New Product Proposal B

Executive summary

Kellogg’s company is a market giant in the production and sale of high quality packed foods that meet the increasing market demand for ready made foods. This is achieved by the introduction of a new product to enable the company stay relevant in an ever-changing food industry. The new product shall be an incorporation of creativity, innovation and the soundest marketing strategies to face and ward off competition. The product shall be named Slurpy and with the product, the company hopes to gain a substantial market share and at the same time increase its sales considerably.

Slurpy will be made up of three distinctive products with different tastes to suit the consumer needs with the market niche in mind. The three products shall be four distinct flavors mainly; chocolate, mixed flavor, vanilla, and strawberry. Slurpy with the best marketing strategies at its aid is set to become the next big brand in the food industry. The new product with its distinctive packaging and marketing is going to be a boost to the company’s image, and it will give the company a competitive advantage over other competitors in the market with similar products already in the market.


The company is presented with a challenge of staying relevant in a highly volatile and dynamic market. The main difficulties with the introduction of a new product into a new market are the methodology of entry because the entry will determine the success of the product. The market is faced with the presence of low quality products that are not appealing to the children who are the main consumers. Slurpy is a product of high quality and nutritional value thus it shall enable the product attract the parents who are the buyers on behalf of the children. With that in mind, Slurpy is set to change the scores in the market by being particularly appealing to consumers in terms of its distinct taste and attractive

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