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Operation Management

Operation Management

Massachusetts General Hospital is a partner of Harvard Medical School in the provision of learning environment and tools for medicine students. The hospital houses the largest biomedical research equipments in Boston and is one of the best five hospitals in America. This project is owned by Partners Healthcare, an organization that also operates the North Shore Medical Center and the Brigham Women’s hospital. The hospital is part of a chain of health facilities providing healthcare services at different capacities. Besides its normal hospital operations, Massachusetts General Hospital also operates the flying doctor service providers commonly referred to as the Boston MedFlight and a cancer awareness and treatment center referred to as the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center.

The major stakeholders of this facility as mentioned above are the Partners HealthCare, a non-profit making organization that was established in 1994. This group owns a chain of health centers in Boston and it is considered the largest provider of health care services in the State of Massachusetts. Apart from these, the other stakeholders involved in the running of this hospital include the hospital management, the clinical laboratory technicians, cardiologists and the emergency department personnel. The reason behind having the stakeholders work in these departments is to reduce the cost of hiring employees, since the project is non-profit making. They work towards ensuring that the facility is running smoothly and that health care services are available to the community at affordable costs and with effectiveness.

The group of stakeholders with the potential of providing an obstacle to the success of the project is the individual stakeholders working in various departments in the organization. This can happen once they start having the urge of earning more cash that the organization can offer. As a result, they may end up abandoning the organization or worse embezzle the organization’s resources for their personal use. This is a common practice in most of the organizations operated by their stakeholders. Employees carry out activities in an organization more effectively owing to the fact that they are supposed to be accountable and they are faced with the risk of being laid off. Stakeholders on the other hand have the liberty in the organization are usually considered the greatest threat to the success of any organization. This is because of the disagreements that may arise based on resource allocation, top positions and remuneration.

The Partners HealthCare, being the largest stakeholders of the Massachusetts general hospital have the greatest potential of ensuring its success. This is because of the fact that they are a non-profit making organization, meaning that they are running the Hospital charitably. This eliminates the possibility of trying to make money out of the project’s resources. In addition to this, the fact that it owns a chain of other healthcare centers increases its scale of operation by providing diversified services to the community. Partner’s HealthCare owns research facilities and this is advantageous to the Hospital since the research on various diseases and medicines is carried out at no cost of hiring researchers. The medicine students under this program also provide auxiliary services to the Hospital as a part of their practical learning sessions.

The operations management of the Massachusetts General Hospital is therefore better off in the hands of the Partners HealthCare management rather than in the hands of the individual stakeholders working in the organization. Partners HealthCare is in apposition to run the facility without selfish motives, since it works as an entity. This is a challenge to individuals who are always tempted or obliged to pursue their own selfish motives of making profits. This is risky in organizations providing HealthCare services since they deal with people’s lives and any substandard services provided in the name of cutting down costs can be disastrous.

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