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Organizational Theory and Behavior - Accurate Essays

Organizational Theory and Behavior

Organizational Theory and Behavior

Jelinek (2010) defines organizational structure as the “internal pattern of relationships, authority and communication,” (p.5). Organizational structures encompass the activities conducted within a given organization in terms of authority structures and the subsequent actions required to realize a given end. Although these structures are varied, they share a common goal, aiming at the reduction of overheads and consequently revenue enhancement. The best organizational structure for Protégé Engineering would be the matrix organization, also referred to as the “project management structure,” (Boone & David, 2008, p. 278). The structure is referred to as project management due to its linking nature that connects various departments in working for the same activity. Protégé Engineering handles unfinished clientele projects within defined spans of six months and two years. Three distinct lines of practice namely, engineering, production management and computer science, have been identified as the main players in projects handling.

The company is a large organization handling six hundred employees and therefore the matrix structure offers better management roles shared between line and project managers. The line manager supervises an employee within the department level; for instance, Protégé Engineering needs at least three line managers each handling the three identified lines of practice within the organization. The project manager on the other hand acts as the authority for team assembly and supervision once a project has been received. This means that, he analyses the labor size required and sources them out from their various departments. Personal and team growth is achieved easily in this structure as it “provides an outlet for employees’ creativity and initiative, giving them opportunities that their functional jobs may deny them,” (Boone & David, 2008, p.279).

Note that, the individuals working for Protégé Engineering have high academic achievements as undergraduate and doctorate graduates making them very knowledgeable in their respective working fields. Growth opportunities therefore have to be offered for optimal job satisfaction if the company is to maintain its employees (Madura, 2006). Otherwise, labor underutilization would spur the employees to look for other organizations where their input is appreciated. This creates a sense of belonging and therefore highly recommended for Protégé Engineering.






















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