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Outstanding Graduate Award Application

Outstanding Graduate Award Application

As a student of the Minneapolis Community and Technical College (MCTC), I took an active participation in the faculty of Women Studies, as a student representative in the years 2008 and 2009. An interesting session in the lecturers involved an interaction with various professional female participants in the labor market like Congresswomen from different states in a bid to enhance the level of positive empowerment, a necessity in the impartation of positive outlooks for the students. My responsibilities were ensuring that students observed time during these particular sessions due to the busy nature of the speakers and ensuring that summary notes concerning the speaker are available in print to the students three day before the session for own research and question formulations. Within the initial period of serving as a student representative, we were rewarded with the Academic and Student Affairs Award for Excellence in Curriculum Programming.

In 2010, I was involved with the Volunteer Network instituted in the period 2007 as a voluntary participant in the college’s rain garden where rotational responsibilities involved planting and sustaining new plants as an environmental incentive. It was an amazing experience to watch the plants develop as well as learn basic practices like weeding and watering for healthy survival. I also participated in the journalism club in the capacity of an editor for The Grove, an annual publication that targets the institutions Alumni members and Alumni friends in seasonal activities for skill and knowledge enhancement among community members. As an editor in the journalism club, I also bore the responsibility of coordinating written short updates with regard to the activities in The Grove before handing them over to the technical department for uploading in the social networks like Facebook.

Regarding civic matter, I was involved with the Student Organization department of safety and security as an educator for sensitizing students on the various rules and procedures required upon the occurrence of a security issue. This was in the period 2009. It involved organized talks in the early part of the semesters to offer a 2008 testimonial that had revised earlier set rules in compliance with the Jeanne Cleary Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crimes Statistics Act. The report covered crime patterns evidenced within and off school premises between the periods 2005 and 2007 with the highest being liquor related abuses conducted in public places. The sensitization process involved offering the official guidelines to be used once a crime occurred for the enhancement of a safe learning environment.

For the exceptional leadership skills and effectual position handling in 2008 as a student representative, the Women Studies faculty was accorded the earlier mentioned title in the discussion. The faculty members therefore, as a motivational and thankful gesture awarded me with the MCTC Annual Student Leadership Award in the same period. This marked as a highlight in my schooling history and I believe that it instituted a need for excellence in other student leaders for both their personal development as well as the institution’s continuity. This culture of excellence within the college can be noted as a worthy endeavor as reflected by the honored awards of the 2010 Award for Excellence in Financial Management and the Award of National Council of Instructional Administrators. Additionally, the institution was chosen as a contributor in the 2010 National Project on General Education for a Global Century.





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