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palm potential oppotunity and logistic

Palm Potential Opportunity and Logistic

The device was created with the aim of slick user experience as well as the ability to support multiple applications at a time to enhance user efficiency. While previously palm models such as Palms OS have sacrificed beauty for efficiency, they are slowly borrowing a leaf from apple to enhance sales. This is because while the device needs to be efficient it also has to be smart, and playful. Newer palm devices such as the Pre however have some advantages, as it is a better device for email than for example the iPhone or blackberry. It however falls short in the area of entertainment when similarly compared to such devices. For example the iPhone which has iTunes. While it is exceptionally sleek, it also serves as a good alternative to the blackberry and iPhone, which are the current market leaders. Below is a discussion of additional advantages of using the device associated with order processing inventory management, warehousing, procurement and materials management.

In the area of order processing inventory management, HP has gone a long way to help businesses in not only data recovery but in synchronizing systems for efficiency. It has enabled companies such as GrowHow to reduce on costs associated with third parties for Data Recovery (Data Integration and Data Warehousing Services, 2010). HP has also implemented programmes and systems such as Inventory Management Software and financial accounting systems assisting in managing bill transactions of any company. In the case of inventory management, the applications and software connect subsidiaries of companies with the mother companies thereby enabling them to track fast moving and popular goods by studying their accounts and expanding their stocks. Financial accounting applications also reduce errors that may occur during invoicing and inventory. Data Guard is one such feature that has reduced data recovery time from twenty-four hours to two hours therefore reducing the amount of time when useful software is out of reach. Palm has products that are credible competitors of Blackberry and iPhone, which therefore enable sending, and receiving of alerts, instant messages, voice, text, database access and a myriad of other forms of communications (Verstraete, 2009).

Material Management is done through HPs International Materials’ Data Systems that enhance data gathering and reporting. It deals with any tasks associated with handling materials according to national and international regulations of data handling. There also exists software that enables Supply-chain data integration, a function that enables compliance with government regulations of products in selected areas (Data Integration and Data Warehousing Services, 2010). It also enables performance of a series of activities including procurement of materials and distribution to customers. For many if not all companies, better data management equals fewer errors, fines and product recalls.

Warehousing on the other hand is a technology that enables bundling of many servers enabling a system to hold terabytes of data. This will require the development of new applications and translates into new markets for the partnership. Through data warehousing application, large businesses are able to develop business intelligence (Verstraete, 2009). It enables the development of a form of central depository in which businesses can collect information. It acts as a library of all the information about a particular business that can be easily accessed. The software combined with various mobile applications will enhance business for companies with increased convenience since with the HP palm, they can access it anywhere and anytime at their convenience.

Finally, procurement enables companies to perform tasks such as purchasing through e-procurement systems that enable standardization of such processes across all related entities, control purchase activities and consolidate reporting of purchasing activities for accounting and other purposes.






















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