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Personal Statement






Personal Statement

Part one

I intend to pursue a major in Cultural interchange. This decision was based on several experiences that have enabled positive changes in my life. During my experience in Utah, I lived in the school dormitory instead of renting an apartment in order to learn about new different cultures. In addition, since the place did not have as many Koreans as in the case of the United States, I was able to make friends from different backgrounds.

However, most people I interacted with were not well acquainted with my culture. This gave me the opportunity to share about my culture by inviting various friends to a party. I cooked for them food inspired by my Korean culture and entertained them with cultural films. In addition, I taught them different Korean games and songs using my traditional costume. As a result, we learned from each other’s cultures and this based my idea on forming a club known as Culture show, which enabled people to learn from different ethnicities.

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