Persuasive Memo

Persuasive Memo

To: Allen


As we all know, good communication skills are the key to success in all that we do, and can make our work as well as life easier. You will want to refer to Christian-Counseling Online (2006), in order to understand that communication helps us to avoid conflicts and instead resolve them, meet our needs as well as the needs of others. It can help one to avoid failure that occurs due to lack of communication, and helps us to build good relationships with others; hence, life becomes easier when we achieve these goals.

Since communication is the art through which we relay information to others, and get information from them to understand their thoughts, it is important to improve the basic communication skills that are listening, talking and writing. Listening is the first way of learning that we use from when we are born, and it involves being attentive to what the speaker is saying, and this is the easiest way to learn. Talking involves being the speaker, and it is the basic way that we express our thoughts to others. Writing it is expressive and good writing skills ensure that one expresses the right and intended information to the reader, to achieve the intended outcome, which in our case, is passing our exams.

In order to improve these skills, I suggest that you use this tips that I offer, which are very simple but effective and can improve your life. The first tip is to listen attentively without interrupting and without thinking about a point that has been said before the speaker is through, giving undivided attention, and avoiding preoccupations that distract you. Another tip is to know how you communicate, by accessing how you communicate to others such as how you answer questions, whether direct or indirect, find out how people respond when you are talking, and check whether you leave out important messages. The third is to contemplate on the message you want to give, and visualize how best you can deliver the message, so that you can know the best words that fit the description of your message. In writing, always use this tip, as it will express your thoughts better, and you can choose the best words in explaining your points. Please improve on these areas to make your life easier.


To: Bee


Listening is the first basic and primary skill of learning that we develop after we are born, and it is very important in understanding what others intend to say to us. Since we are supposed to listen most of the time than we talk, this part of communication should be given much attention so that we can understand how to learn easily and fast. By understanding the speaker, we can know what is expected of us, and in class, we can be able to understand what the lecturers are saying, as well as the assignments for better performance since bad listeners turn in substandard work unlike good listeners who understand the work and do it better. It is important that you note the difference between listening and hearing. While listening involves hearing, understanding, interpreting and judging the information, hearing only involves perceiving the sound.

Listening attentively does not come easily or naturally but rather, it is a skill that needs to be practiced, and involves not only the ears, but also the body too (Exforsys Inc, 2007). The first skill that is needed is maintaining eye contact with the speaker since it draws concentration to him or her and one can avoid distractions, and at the same time, understand the information better by observing the facial expressions of the speaker. In addition, to show that you are listening, nodding and showing facial expressions as well is important as it ensures the speaker that you are listening, and encourages him to continue. When a speaker is speaking, it is important to let him finish without distractions, so that he can give the information he intended, and you can ask questions later. After the speaker is through, it is the most appropriate time to ask questions on what he or she said as well as what she did not say. Ensuring that you use these skills is going to help you make life easier, as you will avoid conflicts arising in lack of listening, such as misunderstandings in class and work place later in life.



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