Philosophical, social and psychological issues of working for money





Philosophical, social and psychological issues of working for money


Work is highly esteemed and considered very important in any modern society. In many nations, children end up spending over twenty-three years in school acquiring the necessary knowledge and abilities for attaining a good job that generally pays well (Lucey, and Tibor, 89). The main reason for searching for a job is mainly to earn money. This aspect of reality has no philosophical attribute to it. It is the fundamental way of life and many do not make the effort of researching on the philosophical issues concerning the subject. The intention is to draw and highlight on the philosophical and social issues that concern working for money (Lucey, and Tibor, 89).

Under normal circumstances, money is the central reason why man works and the prime reason for seeking work. When one does not have a current occupation and is in the process of seeking employment, one is not doing so because he or she is currently or is seeking for a place to utilize the plenty of spare time in ones schedule. The primary reason for seeking a job is for the acquisition of money, which is considered as the primary source of comfort in life. The job or work is taken as the means through which one acquires the money. There are instances where some individuals end up doing jobs they are interested in whereas others end in those they are not interested, however, the bottom line is that it is the amount of money earned from the job that is the main of concern.

Money is highly esteemed and demanded because it the accepted standard scale that is used to categorize or grade almost everything in the contemporary world system ranging from social status, prestige, fame to once importance (Alschuler, 45). In the current system, money is used to rank everything. This makes money a determinant of the amount of happiness, or wellbeing with his or her ranked status. When one has a lot of money, then one is accorded a much higher status and respect as opposed to when one is not monetarily endowed. Money has taken new status in society being treated as a deity. The means of it acquisition is not left behind either. Money is no longer taken as means for the satisfaction of the primary requirements for survival (Alschuler, 89).

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