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Assignment 1

Dream Journal


A dream journal is a periodical where records of experienced dreams are kept. These journals include records of night dreams, individual experiences, and waking nightmare experiences .The dream journal helps people to trace their dreams. Ann Faraday recommended the use of a dream diary as a way of memorizing, and preserving details that sometimes are forgotten in the long-run (Corrington, 2000).Therefore, the paper work focuses the held notion that individuals might know exactly what is not real, and the reality. It explains the way an individual experiences dreams thus relating it with the reality of metaphysical from readings, and lectures agreement or disagreements of dream experience.


Since era immemorial, dreams have been part of human existence. Dreams are mostly experienced when individuals sleep specifically at night. Some researchers believe that nightmares exist as a way of fulfilling an aspiration. Individuals encompass unexpressed desires when they have woken up while others observe them in different ways. Dreams contain superstitious meanings reflecting on certain incidences that either have occurred or will occur in future. For instance dreaming about superb world in the mind of a person is one way of creating a perfect life in future.

It was one night when I slept in a friend’s bedroom and certainly, I was taken by sleep after the long journey that was tiresome. It was in the midst of the night that I started making noise and laughing loudly, and certainly woke up. Then, I realized that I was sleeping because I thought I was in wonderful land having fun with my friends. This made me to realize that I was not dreaming, but it was because of the excitement, and the fact that I was not in my bedroom made me to dream that way. When I came back to my senses, I noticed that the room where I slept was very different, and it was well decorated thus accounted for my dream of a superb world.

The theory of Plato separates the universe into two categories including lower category that comprises the physical world, and the higher category that comprises the spiritual world. Plato is a metaphysical dualist who believes human beings are simply minds, but not physical bodies that separate them from their mind. Therefore, metaphysically, there exist two realms including physical, and the spiritual or mental. Plato places one’s self in a group of immortal, unchanging psychological or spiritual. Plato believes that the minds of people have the same soul that separates any time the body dies (Corrington, 2000).

. The dream experience places an attractive crick in this notion. This is because individuals are literally indistinguishable to their conscious psyche, thus keep dreaming at night to cease existing. Actually, the dream of where one wakes up is not different from metaphysics of Plato since they indicate senses mislead people. This accounts for Plato discounting those beliefs as unknowledgeable. According to Plato, those dreams pass away because the dreams are not real. Plato’s theory places him as a dualist, and on the same time rationalism. This is because it is sometimes difficult to tell nightmares from waking while personified in the physical world. In addition, people rely on their senses, and telling one situation from another confuses especially when one is awoken by dreams.


            A dream journal helps individual to record their dreams because sometimes the minds of people fade. Dreams enable people to create portfolio of visions thus is essential to create a record of what an individual dreams when he has awaken from dreams.

Assignment 2

In the current event, the principal of free will has religious, ethical, and scientific meanings. For instance, free will in religious monarchy means that an individual ethically accounts for their actions. From the beginning of philosophical thinking, questions on free will raise a central issue in the minds of people. In ethics, it holds implications signifying whether people respect the actions that they encounter each day. Metaphysical libertinism holds onto the free will concept that enables a person to choose more than one action in different situations. This view is based on the notion that nothing is strong-minded since an individual takes more than one action. Physical determinism suggests that there exists one single possible future, which is incompatible.

Some psychologists explain that the quality of psyche associates with particles thus pervades the whole life in responsive and non-responsive entities. Some approaches ignore the free will as a fundamental component of the world believed essential by libertarians. The subject covering human free will has two different poles. One idea explains that people’s will is totally free and conditional on certain circumstances. The other pole explains that free will sometimes has doctrines of completely fatalism, and it is occupied by the most religious belief (Priddy, 2010).

The philosophical issues are essential because they provide an individual with freedom or the degree of free will to participate in religious, traditional beliefs, and different behaviors. For instance, roots of religious beliefs of the free will question closely relates with supernatural beliefs of human existence. Human free will speculates the science philosophy that aims to get the root cause of every incidence that occurs. People assume that freedom lacks when things happen in different forms in every possible incidences. Therefore, free will is solved first before various theological starts to speculate on any kind of free will (Priddy, 2010).





















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