Plan to Reduce Drunk Driving







Plan to Reduce Drunk Driving

















Plan to Reduce Drunk Driving

Alcohol happens to be one of the drugs that is widely used and abused globally. Unlike the old days where alcohol was associated with a certain age, currently thing seems to have changed. Teen are now forming a group of alcohol users and addicts. Moreover, the current trend of alcohol consumption and misuse among the young people, especially teens is worrying and need to be addressed. Despite having a wide variety of consequences such as contracted STD’s and poor school performance, the rise of the number of road accident resulting from reckless driving on influence of alcohol is alarming (Shults, et al., 2001). Different methods and plans can be implemented in attempt to reduce driving under the influence of alcohol and as a result reduce the number of accidents. If well implemented, the following plan will reduce the above incidences.

The first thing to do is enhancing formal and informal education. As the saying goes, ‘you cannot teach an old dog new trick’, unlike the old people who would cite more than a hundred and one times, they have driven under the influence and never caused an accident, it would be relatively simpler to educate the teens. Some teens drive under the influence of alcohol due to ignorance or lack of proper knowledge. Therefore, embarking on teaching the effects of such an undertaking can significantly reduce the incidences. This can be made possible by ensuring that all driving schools in addition to offering skills to their students, they still provide such knowledge to them. Schools are known to highly mold kids’ life and behavior, therefore with the current driving age, including the effects of alcohol when driving in curriculum will serve as another learning tool.

It is nature of human being to keep forgetting. After educating the teens, the next thing is ensuring they keep that information in mind. Having a drink and do not drive note in the car or at the car park can serve as a reminder. Furthermore, a reminder of strict driving rule will ensure these incidences are reduced. Most of the teens will tend obey and follow parents rules, unlike the old people who only set their own ways of doing things. Therefore, after equipping the teens with the knowledge, parents should set strict driving rules that should be followed to the letter (Williams, 2003). Peer influence is known to be a major cause of use of alcohol in teens but parent should not allow it to be the cause of weakening their rules of no driving when drunk.

Enhancing law, rules, and regulation will serve as a lesson to those who fail to learn from educative plans and warnings. Different governments should enhance strict rules that will combat driving under influence of alcohol. Considering the presence of witty generation, it is simple for a teen to maneuver the parent but he should not evade a roadblock. Those found offending the law should face serious consequence, which may include not only burning them from driving but also revoking their driving license. Once a teen who had just been allowed to drive faces such consequence, chances are low of repeating the mistake in future.

To sum up, implementing this plan constituting of, educating, warning, and using legislative method will help in reducing driving after taking alcohol among the teens. This plan is workable since whoever will not learn, he or she will fall under the legislature trap. Moreover, those who tend to learn and forget, they would be reminded by warning notes in cars, roads signs, and car parks.







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Williams, A. F. (2003). Teenage drivers: patterns of risk. Journal of safety research, 34(1), 5-15.




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