Project Reflection Paper and Recommending potential work system improvements

Project Reflection Paper

It does not matter the kind of business that an organization operates to be in a position to embrace the use of information and technology in ensuring an effective and efficient operation of the business. For the people who have undergone training in information and technology, they can understand the benefits that are accrued by a business, which makes use of the information and technological skills in its operation. The people who have information and technological skills on business, enables a business organization in making the tactical use of information and technology in the improvement of the business operations. The business-oriented programs entails the scientific and business education including the knowledge on how one can make use of the information and technological skills in the advancement of business competitiveness and efficiency. The use and advancement of information and technological skills is very essential in a business organization, for it ensures that business operations and problem solving are efficiently achieved.

In the previous project on the case study of the introduction of information and technology, has shown how embracing information and technological skills can improve the operations of a business organization. This is because the introduction of the Wii game facilities has acted as a way of attracting more customers in the restaurant. This as a result would augment the number of customers who frequent to the restaurant. The use of the touch screen machine to transfer the order making information from the front office to the kitchen also has enabled efficiency in the restaurant. This as a result helps in the maintenance of the customers that Applebee’s still have and in the attraction of new customers to the business organization. In addition, the introduction of new technology in the restaurant has improved the mode of communication between the Applebee’s administration and the customers.

Recommending potential work system improvements

The restaurant communicates with the customers through the internet. The customers sent emails to the administration informing them on the status of their service. In so doing, it makes it possible for the organization to improve on its weakest points. In Applebee’s restaurant, the organization should advance its technology in a manner that it improves on its record keeping. It is as result, that the organization will be in a position to handle a huge number of products and services. If the stock of the restaurant is improved, the sales of the organization will eventually go up increasing the profit margin of the organization. On the other hand proper keeping of the records, ensures that at the end of most probably each month the organization will be in position to know the financial status of the organization.

This enables the organization to know whether it is operating at a profit or loss. This is necessary in all organizations as it allows them to improve on their weakest parts in carrying out their activities. It is very important for any business organization to ensure that it adopts the new technological skills. This is because it improves its efficiency in operation, improving on their profit margins, which is the main aim of a business organization. Embracing the new technological skills means that the organization will be in a position to do its work fast, make the mode of communication easier and help in the maintenance of the company’s records. Generally, the use of information and technology makes a company’s work easier attracting more customers than before.

In conclusion, it is very important for any organization to recruit or train their existing employees on the skills of information and technology. This is because the result would be that, the organizations profit levels would be augmented. The use of the new and advanced information and technological skills enables the work processes of an organization to be completed within the expected time. The use of the internet in any organization makes it for the administration to communicate with its customers such as, customers making online orders. In record keeping, it ensures that the management does not lose its important documents as they are well maintained.


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